[1.0] Custom 3rd person physically based character controller

(William Ianneci) #21

Zoey, based on the dates and lack of activity on this thread it’s probably a safe bet this plugin is dead. Try reaching out to its creator direct, they should be at the top.


Hey there! My e-mail still seems to get notifications from this forum.

I wish that I could miraculously tell you all that I’ve been continuing the development of this plug-in and created some sort of godlike character controller during the past two years. The truth is, as you all may have guessed, that I have not.

Shortly after my last post in this thread, I slowly started to realize that my continuous use of PlyGame taught me SO much about how C# programming works (better than any tutorial ever could) that I reached a point where it was just easier and more fun to write all the logic and programming for my game by myself, without using PlyGame.

This eventually led to me being admitted to a game dev education and afterwards landing an internship at a real company in the industry. Who knows where I would have been now without PlyGame. Anyhow;

I’m sad to see that the download link is dead. I had no idea that the files would be deleted after 100 days. I’m also sorry that I never managed to upload a new version.

I do AFAIK not have anything saved or backed up, so a reupload will probably not happen. This pretty much means the end of this little plugin.

Best of luck to you all!

(Ryan) #23

Same. Thanks Leslie!