[18+]Sangoku Musou: Empress of Tragedy

(Kazuya Chang) #1

This was my recent commercial game which was published this year. As my promised last year
[18+]Sword Hime Sakura, it was made by plyGame and my customized blox.
Thanks to Leslie for his amazing tools.

The teaser is as below.(Beware! this video is not suitable for children)

Hope you like it!


(Gunhi) #2

@_@ it’s just so cool @@

(Kazuya Chang) #3

Thank you


Hi, may I know how many persons working on this game?

(Kazuya Chang) #5

Sorry for replying lately. We are 2 men team. Most works are done by us. Vocal and BGMs are outsourcing. Some assets are bought from asset store.


Wow. Only 2 persons can achieve that kind of quality is very impressive. Btw do u have Facebook or any other social media? I would like to discuss game development with you.

(Kazuya Chang) #7

Sure! My FB name is “Kazuya Chang” and my avatar is an archmage. Add me if you are interesting.