[18+]Sword Hime Sakura

(Kazuya Chang) #1

This was my recent commercial game which was published last year. It was made by UniRPG and my customized plug-in such as Jump, Combo, Ragdoll system…,etc.
Thanks to Leslie for his amazing tools.

The teaser is as below.(Beware! this video is not suitable for children)

The walkthrough is as below which is made by a Korean fans.(Beware! this video is not suitable for children)

This is my DVD jacket.


DVD itself

Hope you like it!


(eric) #2

It looks really cool. Is it on Steam? If not, it should be!

(RaiuLyn) #3

Ok. That ragdoll system looks amazing. Makes bodies into actual bodies when physics are concerned. Me hunting down a copy could be difficult considering it was released last year and in the Asian markets exclusively, which is a shame as that looks fun to play.

lol… that’s wishful thinking…

(Artie) #4

congrats! and totally should be kickstarted onto Steam. I would like to play this as well! Love the Cat soilders Lol

(Kazuya Chang) #5

Thank you. It is not on Steam because of its nudity and erotic contents.

(Kazuya Chang) #6

I am really glad that you like my game.
You don’t need to hunt down a copy or wish it on Steam.
If you don’t mind the language is in Japanese and its erotic contents.
I can release the latest full version on this forum(Forum members only).

If you want to have a copy, just leave a message, I will PM the link to you.


(Michael Urvan) #7

Was it rejected by Steam greenlight? Steam is a little more open to nudity and adult content now than it has been.

(RaiuLyn) #8

Well. I’m still learning Japanese and I don’t shy away from erotic contents so I don’t mind at all.

Examples? The only thing that comes to mind is the Witcher 2. Not much else :confused:

(Terry Morgan) #9

I don’t understand why Steam is important. Websites sell games with a front end
that charges only 5% (forget who), or you could make your own Zen Cart free if
you’re a programmer. Then just spam like mad, you can as much exposure as
Steam. I tried a demo from Steam, I had to log on just to play it on my hard drive,
game over.

P.S. Those gals sure are friendly! Colors too bright for me though.

(Kazuya Chang) #10

Steam doesn’t matter. Because my game sales in Japan only.
You can buy it on DLSite(digital) or any PC game store(DVD).


Simply wOoOw…!!!

You did it with UniRPG? :open_mouth:

Can’t wait for The ‘PlyGame’ version. :yum:

(Kazuya Chang) #12

Thank you.
Yes, I did it by uniRPG.
My new game project this year will be implemented by plyGame.

(Mike Brockbank) #13

I really wish I’d noticed the 18+ certificate before I played the video. My 7 year old son was in the room. >:-/

(Kazuya Chang) #14

That teaser video is normal. No adult contents.

(Marshall Heffernan) #15

Which part was inappropriate? If the video had Adult Content it would have been deleted off of youtube.

(Mike Brockbank) #16

Ok so the sweaping crotch shot zooming into the chicks knickers along with a bondage scene is perfectly acceptable for children to see is it? The pictures of the case have an 18 marked on it. I see plenty of inappropriate videos on youtube that don’t get deleted. They have swearing and rape and just because you don’t see any actual intercourse and its animation doesn’t make the message any more suitable for small kids to see and hear.

(Marshall Heffernan) #17

:frowning: no swearing or rape here, just an rpg.

(Kazuya Chang) #18

I have already added the notice. Sorry about that.

(Marshall Heffernan) #19

Mike, visited your website and watched the Hesicasial video, uh…

Bouncing breasts on a running animation? Why isn’t she wearing pants?

This is off topic, sorry @Kazuya_Chang, but @Shockwolf you had to know, when clicking on the thumbnail, that it might be suitable for all audiences.

Edit: NVM, the let’s play was much more inappropriate than the trailer. LOL /shrug. Depending on what was seen hopefully there was no permanent damage. Nevertheless, this is an amazing display of what can be done given the help of uniRPG / plyGame. :wink:

(RaiuLyn) #20

To be fair. A 7 year old can easily forget what he/she saw when you distract him/her with a hobby or something. By the time he/she reach 10, I doubt the kid can remember much. If the kid is past age of 12, then it could be harder to make he/she forget things since that’s the time when their brains really develops.

@Kazuya_Chang You might wanna add “[18+]” in your topic name just to be safe.