[18+]Sword Hime Sakura

(Kazuya Chang) #21

Sure! I have already edited the topic name.

(Ryan) #22

Lol, this is ridiculous.
Shows a fake butt for like 3 seconds.
Focusing on what really matters, the game looks awesome; even better is the amount of money you’ve made so far off of it, hope your next one using ply is as big or even greater of a success as your last.

(RaiuLyn) #23

lol… I agree.
It’s human nature/instincts after all.

I’m playing it once in a while and it’s fun despite some bugs here and there.

(Mike Brockbank) #24

Mike, visited your website and watched the Hesicasial video, uh…

Bouncing breasts on a running animation? Why isn’t she wearing pants?

It’s the way it is presented. There are no sweeping crotch shots/Zoom ins in my video. Her breasts bounce on animation, because that is natural. Believe it or not, breasts do move when women run. It’s nothing unusual to a child either, I am sure. I also do not have any bondage activities in my video. So your comparison is flawed. And she is wearing pants… they are just very small. :smiley: But that wasn’t my point to begin with and you know it.

(Mike Brockbank) #25

frowning no swearing or rape here, just an rpg.

If you bothered to read my comment properly, you will see that I never said there was any of that here. My point is in reply to your ignorant words and I quote:

If the video had Adult Content it would have been deleted off of youtube.

Unfortunately you are wrong and I will say it again, there are videos on Youtube with swearing and rape, which slip the net. I am merely stating a fact, to argue my point. Would you like me to dig some out and post them here for you next? Would that make my point clearer?

(Mike Brockbank) #26

I have already added the notice. Sorry about that.

Thankyou Kazuya, I appreciate it. Don’t worry it’s an easy mistake to make.

BTW congrats on the release of this game, its a job well done and looks really good. :smile:

Kind Regards.

(Marshall Heffernan) #27

You watch rape videos? That’s super gross.

Anyhow, if you’d like to continue quote-battling please do so in private messages, let’s leave the showcase for on-topic discussions :wink:

(Mike Brockbank) #28

You watch rape videos? That’s super gross.

Insinuate what you want about me, but I am merely referring to a Minecraft Animation where Steve butt rapes a Creeper.

(Kazuya Chang) #29

@raiulyn Ha, sorry for the bugs. With plyGame I think I will do better work in the new project and thank you for your detailed feedback.

@Shockwolf I don’t intend to spam adult contents. just want to show how potential plyGame is and it is totally qualified for a commercial game. I apologize for my mistake.

(Marshall Heffernan) #30

Have you started yet? I would love to see a Showcase for the next project, when time time is right :wink:

(Kazuya Chang) #31

Yes, new project is on the way and I implement it by plyGame.
But I can not show you this time because there are a lot things to do and it is even not a prototype.
When this project enters in beta phase, I will share it.

[18+]Sangoku Musou: Empress of Tragedy
(Leslie Young) #32

good job.

as for distributing, http://itch.io/ is my new fav. Not as well known as Desura and Steam when it comes to “window shoppers” but still pretty cool. Gotten 546 views of Battlemass 2 in past 17 days and I only posted about it in this forum, my twitter and facebook so there are quite a few people seeing it by simply visiting the itch portal.

Where is the nature and buildings art from? Made by yourself/ team or a pack from asset store? I like the styling on the buildings.

(Noah) #33

I saw that. It was horrible. Dude i never felt so bad for a creeper in my life.

(Mike Brockbank) #34

Yes, it’s a cartoon with pretty dark humour and quite disturbing, really. I do see the funny side of it, but at the same time it is a bit over the top. The worst part is it’s readily available for anyone to watch on Youtube, including children, but it’s certainly not one I’d want my kid watching.

(Kazuya Chang) #35

Leslie, thanks for this information. I have checked it. It seems allow adult content and I will translate this game to English to submit. Next game will be multilingual to reach more players.
The nature and buildings are from asset store pack.

(Pangeran Wiguan) #36

Etoo… If it’s okay I would like to try your game.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu… ^^,

(Alvin) #37

Hello can i get link to download this game?? Thank you😊

(Daniel G Ando) #38

Can I have the link of the game tnx :slight_smile:


Yo, can I have the download link?