2D Grid problems

(Martin Mouritzen) #1

Hi there!

I need a 2D grid, and after reading “forum.plyoung .com/t/2d-grid/4364” (can’t make a direct link since I’m a new user) I thought “Ah, okay, mapnav will be good for this, with a few changes” and bought it.

However, I did the code changes in the linked post, and it almost works, except no matter what I do, I seem to only get 1 vertical line of hex’es. No matter what I set the values to, I won’t get anymore. Expanding the hex’es in a horizontal direction works fine.

Anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

(Leslie Young) #2

You would have to change every spot in the code where you want Z to be Y. I do not know all the places but it should be clear when you through it.

Note that you need to check both runtime and editor scripts. The editor scripts, which provides those inspector options, might also need tweaking to take into account you are working on XY plane. I write this system for the XZ plane so everything is hard coded to that.

(Martin Mouritzen) #3

Hi Leslie,

That’s fair enough. I do know code, but I’m unsure if I’ll get all the places :confused:
Do you have any plans to do a Y plane toggle yourself? That would be very awesome!

(Leslie Young) #4

Sorry no. I am busy with the Blox Game Systems when I have free time and this will consume all my time for the next few months.