A few BUG with Vinoma 1.2.8

(xcygame) #1

Hello handsome administrator, I use vinoma many times, the following are some of the bugs I found:

BUG 1:Color code doesn’t display properly

When we are in play mode:
At first

The last

BUG 2:Edit panel no longer shows broadcast schedule
In play mode, before editing panel display are highlighted

We can’t see any thing

BUG 3:Input box shows error

Vinoma is a very good game production tool, the function is much, hard to avoid can appear a little problem. Nevertheless, I still love it. It’s like his good friend, I hope it is getting better and better! It seems to be trouble our handsome administrator.:grin::blush:

(Leslie Young) #2

Problem 1: It is the typewriter effect causing this. It can not handle the tags. It is actually Unity handling the tags and Unity will render the text wrong until the closing part of the tag “arrives”. The typewriter effect sends it words one after the other so Unity does not know it is a valid colour tag until the closing word arrives. Baiscally, you can not use the type write effect if you want to use tags. The type writer component is on VinomaGUI > Dualogue > Panel > Text

Problem 2: Probably has to do with the changes I made to how scenes are selected. Will fix this.

Problem 3: is a strange one and might even be a Unity bug. I’ll have to run more tests on it.

If you simply click away from the selected input field you will note its original text is restored. Nothing gets replaced, it is just Unity rendering the field wrong.

(xcygame) #3

Administrator patiently explained the cause of the problem, and do a quick repair work. Worthy of praise! Thanks for our handsome administrator! Hard you!
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1::grin::blush: