About Auto Save

(xcygame) #1

Hi handsome administrator!I really like Vinoma!
No matter from the developer or the player’s point of view, I think it is necessary to add Auto Save.
If do not have Auto Save, players constantly repeating the save and load these operations, there is no difference with cheating.
Especially now increases the random variables. Players before click these buttons with variable is likely to save first. If the don’t like variables, will reload, until appear a good variables.
Increase automatic save function, developers can according to the actual situation, to decide whether to launch this feature. It is does not affect the preservation of the existing mechanisms.
I make a sample pictures like this:

The red part is my idea,It is worth considering, thank you!

(Leslie Young) #2

You will have to remove any buttons allowing the player to make a save and then take control of saving when needed. To force a save you can make a call to a script to do the saving at the correct time(s) in your Vinoma scenes.

You need to create a function named ForceSave (or whatever you want to call it) in a script added to the _CustomScripts_ object. I made a script called MyFunctions. To make a script, go: menu: Asset > Create > C# Script. Then double click on the script in Project panel to open it in script editor.

The code of the script will look like this

using UnityEngine;
using VinomaEngine;
using plyCommon2;

public class MyFunctions : MonoBehaviour
	public void ForceSave()

A limitation is that you must choose which slot to save to, in this case I choose slot 1. It will require more scripting if you want to allow the player to choose an “active” slot when the game starts and then remember that slot to keep saving to it.

(xcygame) #3

This solution is very good, the code is very simple, is very useful for all Vinomaer. Avoid some artificial BUG. Thank you for your patience, thank you very much!:grinning::wink: