About Blox 3

(Leslie Young) #24

Next update will support themes, including colours from Blox 1 and 2.

(Richard Irvine) #25

Cool, thanks for the update.

I was spewing out thoughts, in hindsight you are probably correct. I’ll go home & test integration and let you know if anything is required.

Another untested thought… you previously had integration with Behavior Designer… I’ll check it tonight too.

(Leslie Young) #26

you previously had integration with Behavior Designer

I’ve never been asked to do any special integration from another dev on the store. Maybe he did something from his side?

I can see how Blox Events might be something that would be useful to trigger from another asset if that asset generates special events,

(Richard Irvine) #27

Could be the case, it was this thread a while back:


(Der_Kevin) #29

yeah, kinda. let me explain what i mean with this little script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Spin : MonoBehaviour
	public float speed = 10f;

	public void Rotate ()
		transform.Rotate(Vector3.up, speed * Time.deltaTime);

which rotates whatever. pretty simple. now look at this graphic:

A is how it appears in blox 3 at the moment.

B is how i would like to have it. that it somehow places the variable inside the block (i just saw that i wrote degrees instead of speed - but the idea is the same)

C is how its done in plyblox. with extended parameters like axis and pivot - that would be the optimal way for me to create blox for our designers.

so somehow a more powerfull API to create blox - maybe thats even possible, i dont know. what do you think about that?

like the themes by the way :slight_smile:
by the way, another complain from my side (sorry, but i just want this product be as nice as possible):
can we have the click, release,drag from plyblox back? drag and drop is nice with a mouse but pretty uncomfortable on a laptop trackpad since you have to release the trackpadbutton when you reach the end of the trackpad with your finger and pick the block back up to drag it to its final position. surface owner know what i mean with the small trackpad :smiley:
but yeah, i can see some problems with dragging away already placed blox

(Richard Irvine) #30

Went through most of the videos :smiley:

Very impressed, excellent update Leslie. Really felt like visual scripting & the gui improvements are buttery smooth.

I’ll be giving this a go in my current project :sunglasses:

Edit: finished the tutorials. Loving the new errors for debugging!!

(Leslie Young) #31

B is how i would like to have it.

In plyBlox all Blocks are hand-written and as such I could create verbose Blocks like that. Blox 3 scans members and turn them into Blox.

Blox 3 literally look at the Transform.Rotate() and creates a Block from the Function name and Field names provided.

so somehow a more powerfull API to create blox - maybe thats even possible

There is one. Debug, Variable, Loop, etc are all Custom Blocks and not auto-created by Blox. I am working on the docs for this API and should have it ready later today.

can we have the click, release,drag from plyblox back?

Not sure if I will be able to pull this off but a legit request considering laptop’s trackpad. Atm I integrate with Unity’s Drag-and-Drop system so changing it would mean a lot of reworking around how this business of getting a Block into the canvas works.

btw, why do you not just attach a mouse? I’d go crazy if I had to work with a trackpad.

(Der_Kevin) #32

so would it be possible to create such verbose blox like that with the blox3 api? … in theorie :slight_smile:

ah, okay. so if its such an effort then concentrate on more imortant stuff :smiley:
iam just working a lot on the train so there is no space for a mouse :smiley:

(Leslie Young) #33

such verbose blox like that with the blox3 api

They are called “Blocks”. Blox is the system name and the name of the thing which contains all the Events, and in turn contain the Blocks.

Here’s the doc to create custom (verbose :stuck_out_tongue: ) Blocks http://plyoung.com/blox/custom-blocks.html

If you are asking whether I would do it. No, I am not going to recreate the UnityEngine functions which are already automatically converted to Blocks. I only create custom Blocks when the auto-Block system would not be able to create that kind of Block; for example the Loop, IF, Variable Block, Maths and Conditions, etc.

(Der_Kevin) #34

Ah, cool you updated the docs. Thats something i can work with and actually answere all my questions…

Nono, no fear. I wont ask you to do that. I can do this on my own. But maybe you can share the code of the common plyblox blocks (not plygame related) so i can use them as a blueprint? I think they are not open in plygame

(Leslie Young) #35

Here is the source for all the plyGame and plyBlox Blocks.

(Der_Kevin) #36

awesome, thanks :slight_smile:
i just did a blox3 skin mockup which is heavily inspired by the mecanim ui:

what do you think?

i think i also found a solution for the drag and drop problem with a trackpad:
having the blocks context menu pop up when you either press space and/or right klick on the canvas. after you select one block from the menu it appears where your cursor was when you have pressed space/ appears there where it was on right klick.
I would suggest both behaviors because some notebooks have no dedicated right klick button. only one weird two-finger-right-click options which doesn’t work most of the time.

also one thing that came into my mind: why split up events into different canvases? i mean if you already try to make blox like real scripting, why not go the full way? imagine you would have to switch between every function in mono/vs. you could still use the left panel as anchors for switching between the states fast.
But i would suggest to display them all on one canvas

also the snapping makes me sometimes agressive :smiley:

i think it maybe can be solved by not shrinking the block while dragging?

your most annoying user :wink:

(Leslie Young) #37

some notebooks have no dedicated right klick button

Ctrl+Left-Click acts like Right-Click.

also one thing that came into my mind: why split up events into different canvases

Since some might get really long and fewer Blocks rendering in the canvas gives a better experience/ speed in the editor.

Still, it looks pretty cool in the mockup … maybe I can add an option cause I could technically render them all at the same time.

also the snapping makes me sometimes agressive
i think it maybe can be solved by not shrinking the block while dragging?

It is much nicer with a mouse but I too make a mistake with it sometimes. The shrinking is not really the issue. The Fields only accept the block when it is in that exact field rectangular area and the actions will only snap when you within a certain range above or below existing blocks (else is could mess with context/fields detecting it) and also only in a width of about 120 pixels… you can’t drag it to the top-end of a block and expect it to snap (or what you might consider the full width of the block to be dropped).

your most annoying user

Is fine. You make some good suggestions. I might just not be able to implement them.

Hope to have the next update out soon (script-gen taking a bit longer to get in than I expected) then you can make that skin a reality. Looks pretty cool.

(Marshall Heffernan) #38

Blox1 theme FTW!

(Der_Kevin) #39

ok, true. but still. what do you think about adding the blocks menu to the right click menu? it do not needs to be the full menu with icons and search field. just a normal unity tree menu.

sure, understand that.

oh, you already working on the script gen? i never used in i blox2 but i can understand that people still want it. do you know the vs tool nottorus? its one of these weird node based visual scripting tools which is already a dismissal from my side but what i like is that it generates a visual script from real script. might be also something nice for blox3

(Richard Irvine) #40

Nice idea on the code to nodes, but the Nottorus dev said it was a nightmare to implement & over 7,000 lines of code to do so.

I’ll be delighted with nodes -> code :heart_eyes:

(Der_Kevin) #41

Realy? Wow. He should have focused more on usability cause thats more a nightmare in nottorus for me :smiley:

(Richard Irvine) #42

Yeah I was interested in it early on, since then I’ve reconsidered. It targets teams, not indies. The price took care of that.

To use it, you have to know exactly how to code. It offers no shortcuts or helpers. So you have to learn to node as you would code… and right there I stuggle to see why an indie would bother. I can type C# pretty bloody quickly, noding would be a big step backward.

Teams who need to share code will benefit through OOP but I’m not interested in advanced coding when I am in control of read/write etc.

I’m currently using FlowCanvas, but the dev there has stated he has no intention of generating C# so I’m waiting to see if Leslie manages to get there… in which case I may use both :grin:

(Der_Kevin) #43

"I might look into a script-gen again in the future but can’t promise anything." 2 weeks later… done :smiley:

(Richard Irvine) #44

Wow that was fast!! :sunglasses:

Well done Leslie, hopefully this gets you more sales. I’ve posted over on the Unity forum, Nottorus thread with the youtube links…