About Blox 3

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posted over on the Nottorus forum with the youtube links…

lol. .don’t spam other people’s forums. Dunno if they will like that.

To use it, you have to know exactly how to code. It offers no shortcuts or helpers. So you have to learn to node as you would code

While I try to make Block work closer to Components I will not go that far since it would mean the user needs to actually think about code. I guess that tool really does come down to being C# visual scripting - a different kind of IDE to create code in.

With Blox I hope to get at a point where you use simple Block calls to do a lot of things; like plyBlox’ interaction with plyGame. Atm it is still more about writing some really low level stuff (via the Blocks) to do something. So I want to develop plugins like handling Splash Screens, or the LoadSave system from plyGame and Vinoma, and maybe even character and NPC control. The kinda of stuff you might need to develop a game without having to worry about the hard logic. Well… that is what I want to do when I get the time.

Nottorus dev said it was a nightmare to implement & over 7,000 lines of code to do so.

The script-gen is about 3,000 lines of code if I include all the generators from the custom Blocks too. The core code generator is 1,200. But some of those lines are some ridiculously long and weird code. Using CodeDOM to generate the scripts.
return new CodeMethodInvokeExpression(new CodeMethodReferenceExpression(new CodeThisReferenceExpression(), "GetComponent", new CodeTypeReference(bdi.b.mi.ReflectedType)));

I guess one could work in reverse. Let CodeDOM load the script and then inspect the tree to find out what Blocks there should be but Blox does not support everything you can do in code, like delegates or almost all generic members, so it is pointless from the get go. Besides, Blox is not trying to replace Visual Studio.

Blox1 theme FTW!

@itsmars :smiley: or as close as I could get to it.

i just did a blox3 skin mockup which is heavily inspired by the mecanim ui

@Der_Kevin where did you get the textures, just screencap from mecanim or found it’s original textures somewhere? If you do not make that skin I want to.

(Der_Kevin) #46

its all done in photoshop. i used this screen as a reference for the colors: https://community.mixamo.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/201134727/1_Mecanim.jpg

then i just cropped your blox ui graphics - from a screenshot of the blox editor and tinted with gradients and colors from mecanim. i can sent you the psd?

but there is also a script to view the built in unity ui elments including mecanim:

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Lol I hear ya Leslie. I modified my post, I meant Unity forum & Nottorus thread. In which case it is Unity’s forum and they have to live with annoying little shits like me :scream:

I think Nottorus is fantastic, just not for me. And I want other Indie’s to see their choices… :smirk:

(Leslie Young) #48

Mecanim and @Der_Kevin inspired skin will be in next update.

(Der_Kevin) #49

wow lightning fast. awesome!

(Alien) #50

Leslie, Can you provide the source files for the mecanim theme you used? black on black is nice, but i need to modify the var field, my eyes are no longer that good (want to make that a little more gray).

also, small feature request, can you make an option to increase the toolbar size in the blox editor. the tiny icon to hit to switch between var and blocks is so small… going back to the 1st pharagraph, those damn eyes.

(Leslie Young) #51

Blox 3 build-in themes source and good idea on the toolbar. I’ll see what I can do since it is using Unity GUI styles for toolbar but I normally derive my own style off the base ones and could modify those.


The product looks great and would be very helpful in the game my company is developing, however we would need something that works with WebGL builds. So I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to test if Blox 3 works with WebGL?

(Alien) #53

Thanks Leslie, Much appreciated.

Really liking blox3 a lot. gave it 5 stars on review.

(Leslie Young) #54

I’ll make a test build and get back to you on it. Just need to download Unity with the needed modules,
The only real problems would be if some reflection functions are not supported.

[edit] bah… IL2CPP failing on catch (Exception ex) when (ex is ArgumentException || ex is InvalidCastException). At least I can change that syntax.

IL2CPP and WebGL seems to work with both Blox runtime and Blox generated scripts.

(Mahdi Heydarzadeh) #56

the blox is really good i am intrested but let say i want to use a code in all of my bloxes (bloxes for diffrenet objects)
then i have to copy and paste that?
or i can use something like functions in programming?

(Leslie Young) #57

You can create a Blox Definition and treat it like you do scripts. Share it between objects, So all your monsters can run the same Blox for example.

As for mimicing functions you can do that via Custom events. They even allow you to send in parameters (args). Where you define those events will depend. If it will be used from one Blox only then do it in that Blox. If several Blox will need access to it then define it in a blox which you can put on a GameObject in each scene. Call this object the same in all scenes and you can easily trigger the Custom event in it when needed.

(Mahdi Heydarzadeh) #58

thanks but i mean something like when we make a custom function script and blox can add it to the blox by scaning it
i want to make a blox (set args >do stuf > retern stuf )
in Uscript they call it nested scripts ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3Oj3fsMNVw )

(Leslie Young) #59

Blox Events do not return values. You could simulate returned values by setting the values of Blox Global Variables and then reading those variables after the triggered event exits.

(Leslie Young) #60

This is where I am going with Blox. I am using Blox for my own game and will be adding more of these useful systems/ add-ons as I make progress in the development of the game

(Richard Irvine) #61

Jeepers you are flying Leslie, kudos !!

Excellent update, and the speed you fired out C# and now this is very impressive.

Loving this direction, looking forward to seeing your game unfold. You once stated that you wouldn’t write an entire game with Blox2, so that speaks volumes of what you think of Blox3 :sunglasses:

Now that uScript is to be buried, Blox3 remains the only high-level tool in town that produces C#. I hope more folk look this way :joy:


Great update Leslie, and love where you are going with blox 3! Its truly an evolution compared to blox 2.

Hope you can develop a save/load system, I think that would help a lot of people for their game development.

Curious, what type of game are you doing? Any demo coming soon?

(Leslie Young) #63

SaveLoad is next and will probably evolve over time as I find need to make tweeks. It will be the same kind of system used in plyGame and Vinoma.

I am developing a from-the-top (isometric view) type RPG. Not quite sure yet but thinking of a turn/ action-point based combat rather than realtime. Depends though… will probably end up trying both and see what works best for the game.

(Richard Irvine) #64

Ahhhh so you are working on something very similar to my game :yum:

Fire in some of your MapNav stuff and I should just go start another project while you figure it all out for me lol.

Seriously though, my game works on a turn-based grid type system, point & move type thing. I’ve coded a co-ordinates system that accepts a Vector2 to request the move ie (2,4) to move 2 right, 4 up… and then I get the Vector3 co-ordinates by adding to current position & then transitioning the player to that point.

(Richard Irvine) #65

I done it again Leslie :innocent:

detomato posted a question here & I answered it. Then noticed he posted the same question over on the Nottorus thread… so I posted over there linking to my answer here. Have to say the Blox code looks pretty impressive compared to a $250 tool :sunglasses:

Lets see if their code looks similar if the dude posts it…