About “Click Obj With 2d”

(xcygame) #1

Hello handsome administrator! I know “Hotspots” and “Vinoma Click Obj (script)”, respectively is 2d and 3d game transformation function. But in the process of developing games, developers need some custom button to jump the function of the scene.
For example, is added in the 2d or 3d game “UI” to realize the scene jump.
In the current version, I try to add “Box Collider 2D” and “Box Collider” in “UI”, but “UI” not work,
it can not jump the function of the scene.


My advice is to increase the “Clickable Object(2d)”, it will make “UI” to become more practical.
Below is my picture demonstration, please note the red part:

Please consider for custom “UI” jump the scene function, because it is very important for “UI”, thank you:grin::blush:

(Leslie Young) #2

Add this script to your project.

SceneJump.cs (212 Bytes)

Attach it to the UI Button object and set up the button’s OnClick event.

(xcygame) #3

Concise code and the practical function. Thank you handsome administrator!:blush: