About copying and pasting scenes

(xcygame) #1

Hello, handsome administrator!
Vinoma is a very friendly and convenient game production tools. But I think there are some places worthy of improvement. Such as copying and pasting the scene. In the actual game production, if the content of the difference between two scenarios is not big, we only need to add or delete some tags.
There is no doubt for the label, and the difference between two scenarios is not big, copy and paste the scene more efficient than repeat new scene and tag.
I made a sample pictures, please note the red part

I hope you will consider my advice, thank you:grin::blush:

(Leslie Young) #2

Best I can do would be a duplicate button. This would add a new scene and copy data from the currently active scene into this new scene. Will add it for the next update.

(xcygame) #3

This is a cool update! It was the surprise! Vinoma will be more and more perfect, the administrator will be more and more handsome! Thank you very much!:blush::grin: