About Inventory Tag

(xcygame) #1

Hello handsome administrator, I think Vinoma is a full of the infinite possibilities of the game tools, can create a lot of interesting content. In game production, there must be some game items exist, it means that inventory system is very necessary. Even a simple inventory system, also can let the game become more alive.
From the actual trigger, according to my understanding of the vinoma each tag, will need a native inventory system. So I made some sample pictures, please reference:

Because involves the pictures, so I typed the inventory system to the "Visual"

In Vinoma opened in the editor inventory tags will see the following attributes, are “ID”, “sell”, “Take on” 、"Take off"and “Consumables”
.If checked, Consumables, so will be in the red part shows “Use”

Inventory system is divided into two parts: the Character and inventory. Game item types are divided into consumable and non consumables, details please see the following sample pictures

The following is inventory system tag function is introduced

Finally is the example of game items images
Is not consumables game items icon:
Is consumables game items icon:
In Character game items icon:

I hope you can consider my suggestion. I think this function is a lot of people will be needed. Also hope Vinoma will become more and more powerful, thank you!:blush::blush:

(Leslie Young) #2

I have no plan to add major new features to Vinoma. I can only provide bug fixes and small changes to the current version.

(xcygame) #3

I know that to add a new tag will bring many unknown problems. I will continue to focus on Vinoma change and put forward reasonable Suggestions, because I love Vinoma too much. Thank you handsome administrator answer patiently.