About Radom Variable

(xcygame) #1

Hello, handsome administrator!
In the process of game production, I can’t find a random choice, so the idea is put forward:
There is no doubt a game in the values of the variables in the fixed and random choice, I think random variables will make the game become more abundant.
So I made a sample picture:

Example:For 1 to 10,If <=5,it mean has a 50% chance to trigger events.
For 1 to 100,If = 1 ,it mean has a 1% chance to trigger events.
For 1 to 10, If <=2 ,it mean has a 1/5 chance to trigger events.
I hope the game more interesting, thank you!

(Leslie Young) #2

For the “Random”, grab version 1.2.6 when it is up.

Of course the IF/OR part you do with the Branch Action.

(xcygame) #3

Thanks to update this time, let me very surprised and very happy! The administrator not only handsome and also a warm-hearted man! Use Vinoma I feel very proud!:grin::blush: