About"scenes hidden deep"

(xcygame) #1

Hello handsome administrator! When we create A lot of scenarios in Vinoma, the later scenes will hide the deeper, so the developer will spend much time clicking “down” buttons. But if the scene of the display to the left or right display, I think to create and select scene will be more convenient.

The following is an example of my pictures, pay attention to the red part:

Please consider to improve choose the display mode of the scene,thank you!:blush::grin:

(Leslie Young) #2

wow. that is a lot of scenes.
I’ll look into creating a different way to select the active scene.
Too bad Unity’s default popup/drop-down control is so bad.

(xcygame) #3

This is a perfect solution! Not only make more friendly interface,and also improve the work efficiency of users! Thank you handsome administrator! :grin::blush:

(William Ianneci) #4

I have to admit, you’re right. He does have a sexy bandaged hand.