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(xcygame) #1

Hi,I have been using a script to customize scene jump and label, but it doesn’t work now, can you help me fix it?

I use【unity 2017.3.0】and【Vinoma 1.3.9】.

public class MyFunctions : MonoBehaviour
	public void GotoScene2Label3()
		VinomaSceneController.Instance.Goto(VinomaGotoOption.Scene, "scene2", "label3");

   // or

	public void GotoScene(string sceneName)
		VinomaSceneController.Instance.Goto(VinomaGotoOption.Scene, sceneName, null);

	public void GotoLabel(string labelName)
		VinomaSceneController.Instance.Goto(VinomaGotoOption.Label, null, labelName);

The picture above are three different methods all normal before.
But now, like the following picture.are not work.
Thank you.

(Leslie Young) #2

The problem is that you are unable to select the function, from what I see in your last image, right?

Are there any red messages in the Unity console? Check this post about the console errors. (make sure you did not turn off console messages)

(xcygame) #3

You gave me a good remind, thank you Leslie.