About UI Updaters

(xcygame) #1

Handsome administrator, long time no see,sorry about my English.I am still VINOMA fans.
In the game development, a variable’s value should be flexible to change, not fixed.
For example: the initial variable Health value is 100, however, get some props, the value of Health should be allowed more than 100.

Problem in this, more than 100 after the initial value, when the Health to subtract, scroll bar cannot normal by the hundred to reduce.

I think if we can improve this UI Updaters is necessary. Thank you very much!

(Carine Rousseau) #2

I use it too and it’s work. You must resize your fill with Scale Button (when it’s 0 and it’s 100)

I had trouble too :P, but it works now.

(xcygame) #3

Hello,variable is less than or equal to the preset value can be work. But, after when the variable is greater than the preset value, if the variable is reduced, the work is not good.:disappointed_relieved: