Adding UGUI Minimap

(daniel harratt) #1

Hi all,
Been playing around with UGUI minimap, so for anyone interested here you go… Seems to work in both UniRPG and PlyGame, you may have to set camera depths depending on amount of cameras you have in game!!
import package…

Drop Minimap Prefab into scene… (only tested on minimap circle!!)

duplicate minimap camera, and add Duplicate as child to player prefab (be sure to rename duplicate same a original) …

to edit script… (bl_MiniMap.cs)

Camera cam = (Camera.main != null) ? Camera.main : Camera.current;
if (cam == null) {
m_Target = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(“Player”);
on lines 173-175.

(this is only if you instantiate/spawn a character!)

Make sure toon is tagged to Player!!