Additional Blox for plyBlox | Updated Series



Here I will be releasing any custom blox i make or any that you request that’ll be useful to the community.


-Master Volume Block


-Set Cursor Block


-Error Debug Block


-Graphics/Quality Settings Blocks


-Raycast Object Block
-Raycast Collision Point Block


-Raycast Hover Object Block


-Set/Get Animator Layer Weight Blocks


Slider for Settings
Need Some Help for my game
Set Cursor Image problem
plyInventory System | v1.8
(gman7) #2

Great work March…

Do you also have custom blocks to access the AudioManager within Unity. Would like to be able to access those settings from Plygame.

Let me know if possible.



Added “Volume” setting from the Audio Manager. This controls the master volume for all audio sources via the scenes audio listener.



(gman7) #4

BIGGGGGG THANKS MARCH!!! I really appreciate this and it will not be forgotten.


(William) #5

Awesome Blox


Added “Set Cursor” block. This will allow users to change the mouse cursor image at runtime, unlock new cursors, etc etc. Also adds the Hotspot offset option.

*Note: Make sure your imported texture is set to be “Cursor” in the texture settings.



Added “Error Debug”, “Realtime Reflections” and “Texture Quality” blocks.

Updated previous “Graphics Options” blocks so that all values can be accessed. Also updated some descriptions and added some new blocks.



WARNING: If you already own the previous QUALITY SETTINGS blocks, make sure you delete the old “SetAntiAliasing_Block” script as this was replaced by the “SetMultiSampling_Block” script.

(Helgard de Barros) #8

What would be the best practice for new cursor images?

I mean what format, size and dpi would be best for game speed and compatibility?

I was looking at cursors, and wanted to know if an animated gif would be worth looking at or if I should stick to simpler smaller files?

(Marshall Heffernan) #9

AFAIK Unity uses 32x32 pixel Cursors. If you assign, lets say a 64x64 Cursor, it will either not work at all, or just scale itself down to 32x32.

The file format shouldn’t matter, but I would go with something lossless, like TGA or PNG.

Unity doesn’t support .ANI (animated cursors) or GIFs. If you want an animated cursor, you would instead try placing an image at the mouse position, and then cycle that image through an array of textures.

As far as game speed, I don’t think cursors have an impact whatsoever (unless you had like a 500 frame cursor animation that you cycled through On Late Update, your entire game).

(Helgard de Barros) #10

Ok, cool, that is good to know. (he says as he deletes his folder of animated GIF cursors, ha ha ha).

So if my cursor is an open hand, and when it moves over an item that can be picked up, it switches to a closed hand, and then cycles through the open and closed hand until the player either clicks to pick up the item or moves the cursor away, then it changes back to the open hand. Sounds simple enough.



Added “Physics Raycasting” block.

  • Allow you to define 2 points: Ray Origin & Ray Target
  • Then it will detect any collision between coming from the Ray Origin.
    (This can be used for many things such as camera collision detection, object layer checking, combat, etc)

-Physics Raycasting Blocks



Added “Raycast Collision Point”, “Raycast Hover Object”, “Set Animator Layer Weight” and “Get Animator Layer Weight” blocks.

  • Raycast Collision Point

  • Returns the point of contact (Vector3) from the down ray that was cast from the origin.

  • Raycast Hover Object

  • Returns the object that is currently being hovered over via the mouse.

  • Set Animator Layer Weight

  • Allows the user to Set a layers weight inside of the animator.

  • Users can specify the layer index (Int) along with the weight value (Float).

  • Get Animator Layer Weight

  • Allows the user to Get a layers weight inside of the animator.

  • Users can specify the layer index (Int) to grab the weight from.

-Raycast Collision Point


-Raycast Hover Object


-Set/Get Animator Layer Weight