Animation events?

(DeeJay) #1

I know this was solved with blox 2 but I can’t seem to find anything. I just want something to happen during this animation and I can’t remember what goes here.

If someone could just tell me quick what I need to add.

(Marshall Heffernan) #2

You’re using the Import Settings of an animation - don’t add keyframes here.

Go to the Animation Window, and add them there.

(Leslie Young) #3

Like Marshall said. You probably do not want to edit it there but if it works then function will be “TriggerEvent”. String will be the name of the Blox Event to trigger. Object should be set to a Prefab which has a Blox Container on it. The Blox with the Event to trigger must be in the list of Blox in this container.

According to this you can edit events in the Animation panel.

The problem with editing the animation directly (the events option shown in inspector) is that you tie that animation to a specific event. Not a problem when that animation is only used by one object. Just keep in mind that objects sharing the animation will also share the event tied to it.