Animaton curve

(Alien) #1

How does one setup an animation curve in Blox?

I’m using LeanTween (free), that requires a Get/Set of type AnimationCurve. i created a very basic easy in easy out animation via unity animation window. Created an animation variable. but the animation will not drop into the prefabs PunchAnim variable list (on the gameobjects blox list).

I couldn’t find a type of animationcurve anywhere to create a variable for, so I’m guessing it’s just a basic animation var type…

Note1: when i bring up the wider search window (by clicking on the circle) i can see the punchanimation in the list, but when i select it, nothing gets added to blox var.

Note2: from unity manual - •Script components can have member variables of type AnimationCurve that can be used for all kinds of things. Clicking on those in the Inspector will open up the Curve Editor… <-- maybe I’m missing where this is…

any help would be appreciated.

(Leslie Young) #2

AnimationCurve and Animation are not the same things. That s why the variable “PunchAnim” will not work.

AnimationCurve is this thing

… Gimme a sec to look into what can be done. Easiest would probably be if you could simply create an animation curve, via editor tools, to save into a variable.

(Leslie Young) #3

ye… best would be to simply add it as a new Variable type.
check for 3.3.0c soon.

(Alien) #4

Thanks i will try it tonight.