Any additional code documentation?


Hi, I just discovered UniRPG, and I’m also just getting started playing around with game development, although I’m familiar with coding from other contexts.

For my first project, I wanted to work on something simple, such as a small mobile game. I have some ideas about how it will work, but I don’t want to make a full action RPG such as UniRPG is designed for. But, I would like many of the RPG features, such as attributes, skills, states, events, etc. When I was looking through Unity assets, I loved how complete and professional UniRPG looked. I’ve started digging through the code, and I think it’s written in a really beautiful way as well. There are a lot of things that seem very clever or well-thought out to me, and many problems that I hadn’t even though of are handled elegantly.

But, UniRPG is also way too much for my current project, and a lot of it is clearly designed for the specific game type, of course. I am hoping to pluck some classes out and use those separately, probably with modifications. And, I’ll also need to recreate some classes to suit my purposes better. I know that there is also plyGame, but I’m not really looking for a “code free” solution and I don’t particularly mind having or not having the editors. I mostly am looking for a thorough framework for basic RPG mechanics.

So my question is this: Is there any additional documentation for the code? The comments and docs at ( plyoung github io unirpg )are helpful, but I am hoping for things like dependency graphs and descriptions of the purpose for different classes. It’s a bit exhausting and overwhelming to dig through everything and follow the threads until I have a grasp of a class and what I would have to change to repurpose it.

Any help is appreciated, and even if there’s nothing that anyone can offer, thanks for making such a great asset free to the public! :slight_smile: I am learning SO MUCH just reading through the code and seeing how the developer handled things, such as save/loading and the database system.

(Leslie Young) #2

Sorry, no such docs around. It was originally created to be a “black” box for non-coders so I did not bother too much with code/API side docs.


No worries, thanks for the reply! I’m going through the code and making notes on the classes as I go for my own reference, so maybe I will share those later. It’s useful anyway, to learn how things are done.

One brief question I have is about licensing… is it okay to make significant edits to the code and then use it in a project? I’m mostly thinking about trying to abstract / subclass / remove features related to the ARPG-specific gametype in particular, and then just use core RPG features, as I mentioned earlier. I just notice that each script is copyrighted to you, so don’t want to violate any licenses. I don’t intend to re-publish the edited code as an asset or anything like that, just to use it internally for a project.

Thanks Leslie! :slight_smile:

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Ye, use it any way you like.