Any chance to get custop save without change source code?

(Ksanf Fillum) #1

Hey! I use Vinoma as a part my game and I want to make a custom save to file (i cant find information where Vinoma saves are, maybe its already file, but i dont know where).

In common, i need to save only variables, but all variables that can be create by our writer. Can i get all variables and switches by my saver script?

(Leslie Young) #2

Vinoma uses PlayerPrefs to save.

You will see there is a region titled, “saving & loading” in the VinomaSceneController.cs source. The functions there interacts with the LoadSaveController to save and load key values.

In VinomaGameGlobal you will see that the default provider, LoadSave_PlayerPrefs, is used. You could create your own provider wwhich saved to a file but there is not a way to ask Vinoma for a string which you can save and then supply to it later to load from. It is coded to go through the LoadSaveController system.

(Ksanf Fillum) #3

Thanks a lot for your answer, it will be very helpful for me!