Artie 2D sidescrolling controller [WIP]

(Artie) #1

This will be the page where I’ll start posting some script for a 2d sidescrolling I made for plygame.
I started it as my silly 2nd side project, but at the same time I’m learning alot in coding in a way. I’ll only be adding things that will be based on this project, but I love to share it to you guys! :joy:

I’ll upload the actual scene file template and script here once I polish it or a feature I really wanna make it work. Maybe until I get mecanim in so it’s believable lol

Current feature includes

  • 2d character controller
  • camera with smooth movement
  • multi jumps (can be 2 or more)
  • dash movement

The demo can be played here:
There’s a pc and mac build in it and it’s x-box gamepad supported.

controls: ////////// keyboard //////////////////// gamepad
move = _________WASD ____________R-stick
dash = ________ space bar________L or R Bumpers

(Nicholaus Adisetyo Purnomo) #2

Can you share the script ?