Asset Store Hidden Gems

(Joe) #1

I thought it might be cool to start a topic that revealed some asset store items that might not be front page material or super popular but for price and quality might be a ‘Hidden Gem’.

Animated Skybox with day/night cycle!/content/12792

Pretty decent looking water (check out the ocean web demo)!/content/19665

Animation baker (you know you want to use mecanim animations on the legacy plygame controller)!/content/18217

Male Hero Character!/content/17011

FREE Mixamo assets
(Terry Morgan) #2!/content/10099


This has day/night skybox, really good water, rain, all free

(Joe) #3!/publisher/3176

You can get a lot of characters for your money from this publisher.

(Joe) #4

Are you using this in your project?

(Terry Morgan) #5

After extensive dead ends, I have it going with my other stuff, except I don’t get
his water and the basic water is hosed. So I’m going to try this water, it’s
pretty nice.


gtgd 1 and 2 source code

I’m also using the terrain tookit to make cliff textures on the cliffs, etc. link
at same place

Vertigo has a lot of characters that don’t fit my game.I get mine from opengameart and

One thing you want to avoid is the free “World Builder” (free on asset store) it doesn’t play nice
with my other stuff, but interesting as a standalone. the graphs don’t work.

(Terry Morgan) #6

I made the ‘awful water’ material it looks really good, but his script is formatted wrong and it errors

(Jason Burch) #7

Thanks for sharing this I was looking for a Day night cycle system.

(NightTiger) #8

Thanks for creating this thread, those can be useful :slight_smile:

(Terry Morgan) #9

A heads up on the Skyproject, your terrain 2d billboard
weeds, grass, must go in the

\Assets\SkyProject System\SkyProject\Scenes\Assets (Scene)\Standard Assets\Terrain Assets\Terrain Grass directory, or they won’t be paintable, probably why my
water and trees don’t work, they’re in there too.

(Terry Morgan) #10

I can never get trees to paint, my trees from Bogwood down
are lying flat. I just drag them in 1 by one and they’re o.k.

(Terry Morgan) #11!publisher/3842

huge pile of ‘cute’ characters, free, the sword girl looks
useable in my game.!/content/16899
[skele animation tools. $30.

I’ve gotten a unity fbx into and out of
blender with all animations intact. Now I’m trying out the
cut scene maker. Author replies to all questions. Docs
aren’t that great, language problem I think.

(John Bane) #12

I picked up the skele animation tool as well. Looks very promising. I have yet to start using it, though I plan to very soon.

(Terry Morgan) #13

I picked up the skele animation tool as well.
I tried to follow the 1st cutscene tutorial but couldn’t
get the camera to go where I clicked. Check out
BuntGames sword girl, looks like it’s about 1/2 done
with the mecanim controller. Low poly, too.

(Terry Morgan) #14

both free

buildings, coffins!/content/8312

ground textures by Nobiax!/content/13001

(Joe) #15

Prorotype is free in September. Awesome level designer.!/content/11919

(Terry Morgan) #16

Another free level designer, supposed to be for all game engines, downloading now

(Terry Morgan) #17

Grrr…I’m DL’ing this 1.5 gb SDK 8.1, I don’t have
visual studio pro, only express 2012, maybe a
programmer type can actually BUILD this thing?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Pro ** Windows SDK 8.1 installed at default location.
Or Visual Studio 2013 Pro

Getting Started

To build/run LevelEditor:

Open the solution Leveleditor\build\LevelEditor.vs2010.sln in Visual Studio 2010 or later.
Change the configuration to Release and then build LevelEditor.
Navigate to the directory in which LevelEditor is built and double-click the file LevelEditor.exe to start LevelEditor.
After LevelEditor starts, select Edit->Preferences and use the Preferences dialog to set the resource root to a location that contains a few ATGI or Collada files and then restart LevelEditor. (Restart LevelEditor just in case).
Drag/drop a few 3D assets from the Resources windows to either the DesignView or the Project lister.

(Terry Morgan) #18

If you have a student email address, you can get
Visual Studio Pro 2013 for free from here, even if you’re non-U.S. student it says:

(Terry Morgan) #19

Daedalus, on sale for $24.50, sale ends soon! Works for me
with Plygame!/content/14492

(dreamlarp) #20

We use this also. It does work with plygame and also well with photon.