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(Terry Morgan) #21

Visual Studio 2013 is 6 gigabytes, about 20 hours on
my bandwidth, at least I can resume the DL after it
barfed, now at

(Terry Morgan) #22

I dl’d visual studio, but it ‘didn’t unpack correctly’, I’ve
learned to expect nothing from Microsoft. Might try again
at the college in town, cable modem speeds.

(Terry Morgan) #23

physics platformer kit, on sale for 14 more hours at 3.75,
usually $25. A lot of mods that no one seems to be sharing…

(Terry Morgan) #24

Eh, I built it with VS express 2010 after DL’ng the thing below

Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 or Visual Studio 2013, including current Service Packs

Note that for Visual Studio 2010, you also need to install the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.1 (to the default location); for Visual Studio 2013, the Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 is already installed. 

Not sure what it’s good for, but there’s a 100 page manual.
Does terrain.

(Terry Morgan) #25

Ambient nature sound generator
You can get a bunch of extra sounds besides the 20MB by clicking on the depositfiles, but
you have to wait.

Attention! Connection limit has been exhausted for your IP address! Please try in 4 minute(s).
What does this message mean?
I use audacity to record them to .mp3

(Terry Morgan) #26

The audacity input is set to ‘stereo mix’ this gets chosen in the lenovo realtek onboard
audio menu.

(Terry Morgan) #27!/content/18546

Blenderizer-free, finally I can navigate the unity scene

(Max Uguccioni) #28

I’ve purchased skele animation, it’s an amazing tool :thumbsup:

I’m looking form some toon textures, my project ins’t photorealistic, in particular I’m looking for some water texture… but any kind of draw\WoW\toon style/type of textures are welcome :wink:

example, this is nice and free…

SkyBox (very nice)!/content/18216 2$


Water!/content/26434!/content/26430 2$

this is a pretty decent water too!/content/3906 15$

Nature Pack!/content/4238 30$ :frowning:

(Max Uguccioni) #29

Another intresting things is this "book"!/content/16880 15$

(Terry Morgan) #30!/content/11158
Some elemetals particles from G.E. teamdev!/content/9718
low poly cartoon animals 19 for $25

(Terry Morgan) #31!/search/shanty%20town

There are 4 trees and several bushes, and a lot of shanties!

(Max Uguccioni) #32

About environment, this isn’t cheap, but looks awesome !!/content/24665

(Terry Morgan) #33

[skele character anim tools on sale for $15 for the next 14 hours. I get
animated dae’s into Blender with it.

(Marshall Heffernan) #36

Thanks @terrymorgan, just bought it.

(Max Uguccioni) #37

I’ve purchased it too… it’s useful

(Terry Morgan) #38

Relief Terrain Pack
by Tomasz Stobierski
Was $90, In 24 hours just $22.50

Available at the bargain price of just $22.50 for 24 hours from 3pm CET on January 14, Relief Terrain Pack is truly a Terrain Shader to die for. It positively oozes quality, right from the user interface to the highly-optimized and spectacular results. That’s probably why it’s so popular!

Central European Time, used in most parts of the European Union, is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time. The time offset from UTC can be written as +01:00
I’m in Arizona, which is -8, 9 hours later, so it will go on sale at 12 midnight
Jan 14, to 12 midnight Jan 15 where I am.

I’ve look at this, it looks pretty, but the docs seem complicated and there are
no downloadable demos, you wonder if the frame rate is bad. Still, it might
be useful.!/content/5664?utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=as_daily_deals_january_2015

(Brandon Miles) #39

I’ve only been using Unity for the last month or two, but have been a 3D artist for years… Using Snazzy Tools has really sped up my workflow with Unity. It is basically an object placement and grid system. Easy to setup, and once you have the hotkeys down it speeds up set dressing considerably.

Check out the Unity forum link here.

(Max Uguccioni) #40

Still 90$ :-\

(Max Uguccioni) #41

Relief Terrain Pack v3.2 $20.00

(RaiuLyn) #42

Oh damn. I missed the sale for Relief Terrain Pack and it didn’t felt like it passed 24hours… :frowning: I guess that’s what I get for sleeping through the whole day after working on stuffs…

A big shoutout to an asset that went live for 55% off till 18 January 2015: Dialogue System for Unity
It’s a neat asset I can confidently vouch for and you must be thinking "Why do I need it when I have DiaQ to do the same thing?"
My answer is: You don’t need it. It’s another option if you don’t like DiaQ. Did I mention it includes plyGame support as well as lots of other third party tools support? TonyLi provides stellar support over at Unity forums if you have problems or questions.