Asset Store Hidden Gems

(Marshall Heffernan) #43

It never went on sale, I checked the site every few hours since @terrymorgan mentioned it 2 days ago. It was never on sale >.>

(RaiuLyn) #44

The creator of Relief Terrain Pack just announced the sale has ended yesterday. After looking through Unity asset store twitter feed, the asset did went on sale but only for 5 hours not the usual 24 hours daily sale. The Asset store team must have quickly swapped that out after noticing it did went on sale last month.

(Ryan) #45

it was on sale here in the US for 24 hours?

(Terry Morgan) #46

I read the RTP thread on the forum, Asset store can put your stuff on sale
w/o your permission or knowledge, too bad I missed it too, but that snazzygrids looks more useful, $20.

(Leslie Young) #47

I grabbed it at sale :grin:

(Terry Morgan) #48

If it started at midnight my time then it was over by 5 a.m. nice timing ;–[

Tony Li Dialog System is 55 percent off (usually $65) for 2 more days

It’s pretty easy to use and includes demos for ARPG, haven’t done
anything besides ‘hello world’ yet though.


Seems like a great asset, but is it really worth spending 30$ when we already have DiaQ as a part of plyGame?

(Terry Morgan) #50

Yokogeri, read railyn’s post #40 on Dialog System.

Not an Asset store gem, but useful

If you want a free visual studio 2013- search for how to use it with unity, amazingly
it installed 9 GB successfully on my crummy bandwith.

(Michael Urvan) #51

Yeah for people who want to get into scripting, Visual Studio is the way to go. Make sure you install the UnityVS along with it:

It’s the definitive C# editor of course, and its javascript is okay too although I think Mono might be probably better for that. Once VS Tools is added to the project, double clicking any C# script will open visual studio and once inside Visual Studio all you have to do is set your breakpoints and hit F5 to start debugging.

Once you’ve installed UnityVS, you will need to add the Visual Studio Tools package to each and every project - including each time you create new projects. It will be on the Import Packages -> Visual Studio 2013 Tools menu each time.

Visual Studio is completely free now, just open this page and click the giant Download button:
It will open a download for the filename “vs_community.exe”

If for some reason they change the page or button, here is the direct link:

Don’t click on any of the free trials or anything, it should say “Community” and registration is not even required.

VS 2013 Community edition is free, and they are making .NET open source. Community has everything that the pro versions have and can create Web Projects, Windows App projects, Windows mobile projects, everything.

(Max Uguccioni) #52

OMG VS for Free :open_mouth:

(Leslie Young) #53

That UnityVS actually borgs my VS2013 CE. Might just be cause I work with DLL projects and not scripts generated in Unity.

(Terry Morgan) #54

Let others join the conversation

This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 51% of the replies here.

Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?

This guy covers it all, haven’t had time to watch much, but he explains clearly, don’t know
if there are some missing, not in numbered sequence.

(RaiuLyn) #55

For 2D games -

PolyNav is on sale for 5 hours left as daily deal:!/content/14718

2DVLS just gone Open Source:!/content/3787

(Max Uguccioni) #56

HerdSim -75% Before: €32.45 Now: €8.11!/content/26648?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=daily_ad

(Terry Morgan) #57

A snapshot of dialog system stuff in arpg:

quest, hello world, shop, locked door, chest, bird flying around.

(Terry Morgan) #58

shopkeeper and quest tutorial

(Terry Morgan) #59

Reupped the demo, missing a raven, moved them far off so you wouldn’t kill them
before you got the quest (which means no quest).
Easiest dialog system I’ve used, and I’ve tried them all ;–]

Actually 17MB

“Cosmo” and “Tizeta” are by Tizeta from
The ravens are from 4toonstudios ‘low-poly cartoon pack’ on Unity Asset store
Rudy is from Autodesk Pinocchio, now Character Generator
Chest is by Nobiax, Blendswap or
Key is by YD Blendswap
Bird is by Pantherone Blendswap or Opengameart

(Terry Morgan) #60

Demoing a few items, using action rpg and dialog system

  1. Roof disappears on entering building
  2. Alchemy Table -mixing a potion (crafting) (partially working)
  3. Mining gold (partly working, goal is to get random amounts) rock is by Gamedraw
  4. NPC calls you by name-Patty, by Autodesk Pinocchio
  5. NPC stops walking and goes into idle, remembers talking to you- Green Spider, On Asset store
  6. NPC demands Gold, you either pay or fight -headless dwarf by psionic3d
  7. Use a bed (sleeping)
  8. Jumppad-the white cube just jump on it.

To do- make 8 ‘hours’ pass while sleeping, demo ladders.

Tony Li wrote all the code that hitbear didn’t
Alchemy Table by facadegaikan blendswap or

katana and mining hammer by Tabasco
destroyed walls by lfa

Game demo

Player art and prefab

unitypackage requires arpg and dialog system
new arpg scripts

(Terry Morgan) #61!/content/15823

this is kind of interesting, select the geometry in gameplay mode and drag it into your project folder
to save it, haven’t figured out how to save the textures yet.

Basic Grid

Updated in version 0.2
The empty objects in which the spawn objects are originally created are now removed after the object is spawned.

What is BASICGRiD?
BASICGRiD is a simple world-generation tool that creates a two dimensional grid and places objects on this grid. These objects can be anything with a transform component. The grid can be adjusted in dimensions, orientation, delay of object spawning, density of objects, rotation of objects and much more.

What comes with Basic Grid?
BASICGRiD comes with two prefabs: GridGenerator_Default.prefab and UnitGenerator_Default.prefab. Additional there are three example scenes available in which the GridGenerator and the UnitGenerator are already set up.

GridGenerator_Default.prefab : This can be dragged into the scene. In the inspector all variables must be assigned to create a grid filled with objects. The grid generator calculates the positions with the given tile size and world size and other variables.

UnitGenerator_Default.prefab : This can be assigned to the GridGenerator as ’spawn object’. All models or gameObjects that need to get spawned are added to the UnitGenerator_Default.prefab. When a scene gets compiled UnitGenerator_Default.prefab randomly chooses one of the assigned objects. To have more control over what objects are spawned, each object has a ratio variable, which defines the ratio of the object to the rest of the objects in the grid.

CubesColoredGrid : This is an example in which the ‘isMulticolor’, ’mashUpMaterial’ and ‘mashUpRange’ is used. If ‘isMulticolor’ is checked, a model’s meshes are colored individually instead of all meshes one color. Checking ‘’mashUpMaterial’ wil multiply the color of a material with a random value ranging from 0 to the given value in the ‘mashUpRange’ for each mesh.

PlatformerGrid : This is an example of an orthographic scene in which several platforms are spawned.

VillageGrid : This is an example of a grid with realistic models, forming a basic village.

(Terry Morgan) #62

A textured version of the platform, .blend Use ExporttoObj to get it out of Unity