Asset Store Hidden Gems

(Terry Morgan) #63

The tut for arpg 10

(Terry Morgan) #64

Unity Labs 1.3 GB tech demo

they recommend an i7 with 8 gb memory!/content/33835

(Der_Kevin) #65

Plygame is now “free” for level11 members :wink:!/level11

hope that boosts the asset and this already awesome community :blush:

(Suphavanh) #66

Weapon trail :smile:
X-Weapon trail

(Joe) #67!/content/17943

There’s currently an Asset madness sale and from reading on this forum certain people were looking for NAV Mesh realtime generation. Sounds like this might be your thing for dungeon generators.

(Terry Morgan) #68

Houdini Indie $199 a year, apprentice non-commercial free
engine free now, then $99

This looks about 5-10x faster than the usual way

rapid level creation

(Terry Morgan) #69

Couldn’t find any details on the rapid level creation, but you can make unity stuff with the free Apprentice
I tried out their mesh and curve decorators (think $70 megascatter)…udini_and_unity

(Terry Morgan) #70

You have to actually buy Houdini $200/yr and the Engine $100/yr to see your stuff in Unity, even
if you’re giving it away.

(Brandon Miles) #71

One of my most used plugins is called favority.
I use it to quickly load scenes and prefabs that I access a lot. It cuts a lot of time out of clicking through and finding everything.
Best of all, it’s completely free.

(Terry Morgan) #72

I lost a bunch of work because of a 'sharedassets0’
error, Had to go back to February 2015. Snapshot:

(Terry Morgan) #73

Here’s some of the credit shots

(Marshall Heffernan) #74

Isn’t this a thread about good deals on the asset store?

You should make a showcase thread about bogwood down

(Terry Morgan) #75

Isn’t this a thread about good deals on the asset store?
If you go to the bogwood rebuild page it has links to Asset store hidden gems,
as well as gems from Blendswap and Opengameart, most are free.

You should make a showcase thread about bogwood down

It’s not a plygame, don’t want to confuse anyone

(Marshall Heffernan) #76

My first submission to the Asset Store Hidden Gems: It’s on the front page, and it’s on sale, $25 instead of $65.

I personally bought Relief Terrain Pack 3.2 AND Terrain Composer, but they’re so dang confusing.

I’m sure if I sat down, I could figure it out, but this Gaia asset looks incredible; he makes an entire level in THREE MINUTES.

If you can spare $25, pick this up. I just did. :wink:

(Ryan) #77

Oh yeah for sure, i bought it the second i saw it up. Been tracking this thing for a while now!
Its the easiest way to create terrain the EXACT way you want it, using stamps to literally stamp your terrain.


I wasn’t sure if I should get it due to having TC and RTF. I think with those you need an external program to make the terrains, with this one you don’t so that’s great. However I don’t know what the quality difference is. Please let us know how it goes for you, as I still have 4 days to decide.

Perhaps if the quality isn’t as good as RTP, Gaia could be used to stamp out a map in Unity and switch to RTP.

(Jason Burch) #79

Yeah I bought it right when I first saw it on the Asset store and let me tell you it’s well worth the $25.
There are also some great features on the Roadmap like multiple terrain tiles etc.

The flexibility of the spawners and the possibilities are amazing.

Now I’m able to think more artistically about the way my terrain is going to look instead of pushing and pulling the terrain to get the results I want.

(Joe) #80

I snagged and wow what a tool. I also have RTP and Terrain composer. All 3 of these tools could create a combined workflow. Stamp away with Gaia. When your happy give it the RTP treatment for that AAA terrain texturing look.


I am sorely tempted. At this point I can’t decide if I am going for AAA, or a simple tile based look because tiles are so much easier and cheaper. Of course I know when it goes off sale and I didn’t buy it, I’ll kick myself. :laughing:

(Jason Burch) #82

For me this has made it to where I’m not thinking about terrain design and now I’m just wondering about where I’m going to place my town etc.
By using the game object spawner it will spawn some buildings in areas that then I can go back in and modify to my town, city, etc
The texture blending is something that just blows me away, that was the main issue I was having with world design was the textures and blending.