Asset Store Hidden Gems

(Alien) #83

I have to agree, i picked this up as well and it’s easy and very powerful.

(RaiuLyn) #84

This might be of interest to you, @artie

Great Animation Combo, or GAC for short, is on 50% off sale. Its Trello board has a listing for plyGame support though it has been that way since February.!/content/15812

(Artie) #85

I was eye-ing on this for awhile but I just couldn’t wait lol. i did recently made my own “hackish” one with the thanks to leslie’s new skill reset for cancellation haha.


Make Your Fantasy Game - Fantasy Environment Assets is on sale at 50%. Crazy amount of assets for the price.!/content/7101


PROTOFACTOR is having a sale for December.

Mr Necturus also on sale:

(Terry Morgan) #88

Made with Gaia

play the demo


(Jason Burch) #89

Another good find
Easy Scatter - Paint meshes on any surface with ease.
Only $10

(Terry Morgan) #90

Dialog system try it for free

Or buy it on sale $42!/content/11672

Disclaimer: I’ve been paid $1 million rupees to post this ;–}
Supports Plygame

(Terry Morgan) #91

5 GB of CC0 textures

(Marshall Heffernan) #92

Mister Necturus is selling all Unity Asset Store assets at 50% off, until April 9th – if anybody is interested, or wants to take a look.

(not a UNITY SALE, but a personal Sale, which we have no way of knowing about, as these types of sales don’t appear on the front page of the store)

Popular ones include…

(Terry Morgan) #93

Map Magic there’s a free version you can export your terrains
with ExportTerrain.cs on the UnityWiki. It looks well worth the $35
for the paid version.

This is a 5000 poly obj export of the terrain, reduced in meshlab

Look at his manual, you can make some interesting things

(Marshall Heffernan) #94

ProBuilder Advanced is 40% off, for the next 4 days. I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time. Buy it.

(Ryan) #95

If you’re subscribed to CG Cookie, you can get 20$ off that bringing it to 37$. Really good deal.

(Terry Morgan) #96
10GB here, got this, haven’t unzipped yet though
8.4 GB here, haven’t got yet

(Marshall Heffernan) #97

Top link expired April 2nd, unless I’m doing something wrong.

I’ll download the bottom one tonight, but (we) might need to look into the licencing and legality of the pack, since the offer has expired.

Cool website, though, thanks for sharing it. I’ll definately be buying a few packs in the near future.

(Marshall Heffernan) #98

Sonniss correction:

GDC 2016 Sound Pack – 16 GB of SFX, download HERE.

GDC 2015 Sound Pack – expired link to 10GB of SFX as linked above by @terrymorgan.

To get a legit copy of this, Email / Tweet / Facebook Timothy McHugh (more details in the above link).

(Terry Morgan) #99
this 8.4 GB is live for me, but I’m at home and can’t download it.

(Leslie Young) #100

wow… I need to grab that. Can always do with more SFX at the ready.

(Terry Morgan) #101

This was on sale for $30, 24 hours only though, I grabbed it, might be useful for making real world flythroughs,
has terrain tile swapping in and out.

(Ryan) #102!/content/14688

Free for the weekend.
“FKM - PineForest - Autumn” from 3DForge.