Better support for Platformers

(A J) #1

I’m interested in using TileEd for creating maps for a tile based 2.5D platformer. This editor works very well but being designed around top-down games there are two small issues I have.

  1. Grid is locked to X-Z, rotating the TileEd Map will rotate the placed objects, but the grid stays where it was, new objects are placed on the X-Z axis. This can be fixed by applying the transformation matrix of the TileEd map object to all position calculations. Depends on the assumptions in the editor code if it’s that simple. Being able to have the maps in be in X-Y would make it a more natural fit for 2D sidescrolling.

  2. Orientation of the tile. Even if I could rotate the grid, the orientation of the tile would be wrong, it would show the top facing outward instead of the side. I could pre rotate the tile, but that’s another step that could be messed up when adding hundreds of new tiles.

I confused this editor for another that included the source so I thought I would just hack this in myself if it wasn’t supported:confounded:.

(Leslie Young) #2

Yes, this is for top-down type 3D world. I think I made that pretty clear in the description. I have no plans to change how this editor works.

I can offer you a refund but ask that next time you ask the developer before buying a tool assuming that it can do a certain tasks when not mentioned in its description or documentation.

Please send me a private message with your invoice number.

(A J) #3

I don’t need a refund, the only thing I misunderstood was source being available and that’s on me. It’s a fantastic editor, the best one I’ve been able to find, close to being perfect for my needs. I know you’ve got a huge list of tasks to make it even better for top down game making, asking for a side thing was a long shot but I figured I should try. Thank you for offering a refund but I may end up using this for another project down the line.:+1: