BGS updates

(Leslie Young) #1

These are the update notes for Blox Game Systems.

(Leslie Young) #2


  • The Create Object FlowNode (and Vn Engine’s Create Image) can now start an Animation after the object/image is created. You can also set that it should wait a set time before the node continues to the next one.
  • Added the [style_name] short-cut to dialogue panel’s text parser. This will auto insert <style="style_name"></style> when you write [style_name].
  • Added ability to clear the “speaker” name by adding { } into dialogue text.
  • Added option to clear selected FlowGraph where ever it can be selected via dropdown.
  • Added FlowGraph nodes to start/stop/pause audio clips and music.

(Leslie Young) #3


  • Various internal changes and optimizations.
  • BGS/GUI/Panels/Panel Manager will now auto-enable when asked to show a panel. Added option to inform this manager it should disable itself.
  • Fixed FlowGraph node text colours that looks wrong when using Unity Pro skin. Please let me know if you spot any editor skin related problems with Unity Pro/Dark skin since I do not own Pro to test myself.

(Leslie Young) #4


  • Added Player Session/Persistence system for saving/loading.
  • Added support for saving of Global Variables, eta Properties, and Blackboard variables.
  • Added panel: BGS/GUI/Panels/Confirmation Panel.
  • Added panel: BGS/GUI/Panels/Input Panel.
  • Added New components under: BGS/GUI/Panels/Persistence/.

(Leslie Young) #5


  • Added option to reset Variables to an initial state. This is needed by plug-in which needs to restore the state for a “new game” or when loading a saved session.
  • Fixed a problem with UI updaters not updating when values changed in their getter FlowGraphs.
  • Added UI Updater: BGS/GUI/Updaters/Text Params
  • Added FlowGraph node: Value/Calc/Mapped Text. Returns a string based on a range an input number falls within.


  • Fixed a problem with switching from one FlowGraph to another via the Goto node. It could cause the flow to look like it has reached a null/empty node.


  • Removed Array variable type. Use List.
  • List variables can now be saved and restored via Persistence system. Only those which contains values that can be persisted. Some, like GameObject, can’t be saved.
  • Added FlowGraph nodes to work with Lists. Value > List > ...


  • Added support for Lists in the variables inserted into Dialogue. Use brackets to indicate the index of value to get from List, ex #@Portraits[2].
  • Added Dialogue panel option to split text into blocks of dialogue on None, NewLine, or Paragraphs breaks.
  • Fixed some problems in the Dialogue text parser.
  • Added option to attach notes to a FlowGraph node.


  • Changed Label nodes to now be able to act as if they are Start nodes. This way they do not need to be linked at the in-node to be part of the runtime instance of a FlowGraph.

Export Problem ! urgent!
(Leslie Young) #6


As always, please backup your project before upgrading to a new version of BGS or BGS plug-ins. This update will probably break a few components since I moved a bunch of them from the BGSEngine DLL to the Unity project so they are now in new assemblies. When you run the game you will notice warnings about this. Simply click on these warnings in the Unity console and the relevant GameObject will be pinged in the Hierarchy. Here you can then click on object selection button for the Script property in the Inspector. In the panel that comes up you can type the name of the script to find it quickly and assign it to fix the problem. The problem will be mainly around UI and wherever you used the BGS helpers like DontDestroy.

  • Moved many of the component scripts from DLL to Unity project so that they can be modify or serve as examples of using BGS API.
  • Added Favourites panel.
  • Added ability to attach notes to Variables (Global, Meta, Blackboard, etc).


(Leslie Young) #7


  • Added an option in FlowGraph Node inspector to save current node settings as the defaults for that type of node.


(Leslie Young) #8


  • Unity 2018.1+ required.
  • Added the Game Data Editor. A powerful editor which allows you define your own data types and add entries to these data types.
    • This feature is in Beta while it undergoes further tweaks.
    • GameData can be accessed and manipulated via new GameData related FLowGraph nodes.
    • GameData can be saved and restored at runtime via BGS’ Persistence system.
  • Made improvements to the Member/Type selection window.
  • BGS now makes use of assembly definition files to improve compilation times.

(Leslie Young) #9


  • Fixed possible problem with Game Data definitions asset.
  • Fixed problem with variables not triggering value change callbacks when resetting the variable value to its default.


  • Added way to select a scene as the startup load scene shown, shown right after splash screens, while waiting for data to complete loading.
  • Added option to select whether to preload a FlowGraph’s linked graphs. This is set per object which will be accessing a FlowGraph, for example in the Vn Engine’s main controller.


  • Added the Common > Game Info node

(Leslie Young) #10

Please note: There is a bug in Unity 2018.1 preventing some types from being detected when you first import this package. So when BGS try to create its data files you will get this warning "No script asset for GameDataDefsAsset. Check that the definition is in a file of the same name.".

In most cases BGS will auto-fix it but if it fails and you keep getting the message to “auto-fix” you need to right-click on Assets/Tools/BSG and choose Reimport to force Unity to reimport the BGS DLLs properly so that all the types are available. The auto-fix dialogue will come up again and should work this time. You may also want to restart Unity after that.

Auto-Fix GameDataDefsAsset
BSG .20 update issues (CLOSED)
(Leslie Young) #12


  • Requires Unity 2018.1.6
  • Requires TextMesh Pro you get via the Unity Package Manager (not Asset Store)
  • Added Visual Scripting system (currently in BETA: please report any problems you run into)

I’ll be adding more features, record videos, and write docs for the visual scripting system in the coming weeks. I just wanted to get the initial code base out so that people familiar with the system can start playing with it and report any bugs they might encounter,

(Leslie Young) #13


Requires Unity 2018.1.6 or higher (Unity betas not officially supported). Visual Scripting system is currently in BETA

  • Fixed problem with Unity and other members turned into Blocks, not executing at runtime.
  • Fixed errors related to Blox variables when selecting a Blox Definition in the Blox Container Inspector.
  • Fixed event variables not available for drag-and-drop from Blox Event properties panel.

(Leslie Young) #14


Requires Unity 2018.1.6 or higher (Unity betas not officially supported).
Visual Scripting system is currently in BETA.

  • Fixed problem with Blox’ Block scanner not scanning all specified namespaces.
  • Fixed problem with runtime error related to value types in Blox Visual Scripting.

(Leslie Young) #15


Visual Scripting system is currently in BETA.

  • Some small fixes to visual scripting system.
  • Made members from BGSEngine available to visual scripting system.
  • Added FlowGraph Container which can be used to attach FlowGraphs to objects.
  • Added FlowGraph Container Blocks to start and stop execution of FlowGraphs in a container.
  • Added FlowGraph Node to trigger Blox event.

(Leslie Young) #16


Visual Scripting system is currently in BETA.

  • Fixed problems with the FlowGraph variable nodes where it allowed you to pick unsupported variable types.
  • Added support for Blox Variable type in FlowGraph variable nodes.
  • Fixed error in Favourites Panel (Unity 2018.2)
  • Made GameGlobal’s Sound and Music actions available to Blox.

(Leslie Young) #17


Visual Scripting system is currently in BETA.

  • Fixed error caused by searching the FlowGraph nodes list.
  • Fixed error in Game Data script generator when defining grouped game data.
  • Fixed error in grouped game data not loading properly at runtime.
  • Added Blocks (Blox Visual Scripting) to interact with Game Data. Regenerate the Game Data scripts to get access to the new Blocks. You can force this by making a small change to the game data and saving it (like en/disabling persistence). Simply edit it again to revert the change you made.

(Leslie Young) #18


  • Fixed a bug with some Block context fields not accepting certain Blocks as value.

(Leslie Young) #19


  • Updated for Unity 2018.3

(Leslie Young) #20


  • Fixed an error in the “Member Action” FlowGraph node.