Black rendering for tile in GUI tool?

(tequyla) #1

Hello Leslie,

unity: 5.5.0f3

i just bought TileEd (this last was absentfrom my collection) and following bitgem asset tutorial.

i have this issue:

any idea ?


(Leslie Young) #2

TileEd makes use of functions provided by Unity to get the thumbnails. It is just showing what Unity provided so I cannot really tell what could be wrong.

Close the TileEd settings window and then do a re-import of those objects (right click their folder in the project panel and choose reimport). That normally fixes issues with thumbnails.

Does these objects look fine when you drag and drop them into the scene?

(tequyla) #3

yes look fine in the scene.

it is just a thumbnails issue.


(Leslie Young) #4

yes look fine in the scene.

ok. thought it might be a bad material.
Then I really do not know what it can be. Like I said. Unity is providing the thumbs and normally when it is not working (like when you see the load icon whole time) a reimport of the objects in question works.

The tiles are actually quite dark for me too. They are even dark in the inspector too.