Blox 3 updates

(Leslie Young) #1

Blox 3 has been submitted to the asset store. Watch this space for updates.
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(Leslie Young) #2


  • Added support for Block themes (you can even create your own - see docs)
  • Added script generator
  • The Trigger Event Block was changed to send parameters starting with the name “param0”, then “param1”, etc.

(Leslie Young) #3


  • Fixed GUILayout error that could occur in Blox editor while Block definitions are being loaded
  • Blox editor will now force a Block definition to be loaded if that definition was removed from settings but still needed by Blocks used in the Blox
  • Added more error checking around Block definitions
  • Added Mecanim inspired Blox Editor theme

(Leslie Young) #4


  • Made more changes around how Event Variables are handled. They will now be created the 1st time used as either a value getter or setter (and not only setter as before)
  • Fixed problem in script-gen which prevented getting the value from parameters send to events like the OnTrigger() and other non-Custom events which would normally set event variables of its own when the event was triggered from Unity
  • Fixed problem with the Array/ List variable editors allowing invalid objects to be added to the array/ list
  • Fixed error when using BloxContainer.TriggerEvent() to trigger events in generated scripts

(Leslie Young) #5


  • Removed Network Events. They were for the old Unity networking system and will cause problems with target like WebGL.
  • Added menu option to Generate Link Files (needed when you use stripping)
  • Made some changes to allow for IL2CPP and WebGL builds

(Leslie Young) #6


  • Fixed errors around the default self: GameObject not always being checked for, for context or parameter blocks in Blox runtime or script generator
  • Updated Blox scanner to exclude more unsupported types so not to turn members into a Block when you would not be able to use that Block because of unsupported types in its context or fields/parameters

(Leslie Young) #7


  • Fixed an error with Blox Variables which could occur at runtime (game running outside of editor)
  • Fixed layout error which could occur if events were not done loading when events list popup was opened

(Leslie Young) #8


(Leslie Young) #9


  • Added Unity and Blox events for Bootstrap and SplashScreensManager
  • Updated BloxDoc related to the new Events and Blocks from Blox Game Systems
  • Added option to auto-unload splash screen object/ scene

(Leslie Young) #10


  • Fixed problem where fields of an object in a variable used as context would not get updated as expected when the Block was making changes to fields of the object referenced in its context
  • Blox Variables editor now forces an update in the Inspector so that you can see the changes applied there too without having to first reselect the Blox in the Blox Container inspector

(Leslie Young) #11


  • Blox Game Systems (BGS) startup now allows you to mark scenes as both StartupScenes and AutoLoad. See documentation for more details on this change.
  • The Blox Game Systems event handlers was under the wrong namespace. This was corrected but can cause problems if you used the events under Game Systems/Startup/. Please check and recreate these events if needed.
  • Blox can now also update its BloxDoc from the XML doc of a DLL. This makes it easier for plugin developers to provide documentation without having to create a separate BloxDoc.
  • Added the initial version of the Window Manager.
  • Updated Blox scanner to also support static classes

(Leslie Young) #12


Remember to run the Blox scanner after an update like this so that new Blocks can be imported.

(Leslie Young) #14


  • Fixed eror in Databinding Window
  • Fixed error in Component type plyVar
  • Changed bootstrap startup such that it will not try to load when the Blox Game Systems settings file is not present since chances are good the user just imported Blox and is trying to run a test while BGS is not set up correctly yet
  • Include updated BloxDoc for Blox Game Systems
  • Updated readme to include information about the new Blox Game Systems

(Leslie Young) #15


  • Updated Variable Block to automatically retrieve GameObject if given a Component in second field when Block used to get/set Object Variable value
  • Added BloxContainer.SendMessage(string functionName, params object[] values) to help invoking event functions which takes more than one value. See advanced docs;

(Leslie Young) #16


  • Improved maths Block script-gen to generate less casting
  • Optimized Variable Block to access Blox type variables faster
  • Fixed bug with event continuing execution on the wrong object after a Wait Block was used

(Leslie Young) #17


  • Fixed problem with Blox Variables not being found when you change order of Blox definitions in BloxContainer
  • Fixed problem with Blox variables resetting to default value when switching between BloxContainer inspectors while play testing in editor.
  • Updated the link.xml file generator to include more types that might potentially be stripped from mobile builds while they should not be.
  • Added GameGlobal. This will be used to add various global states and short-cuts

(Leslie Young) #18


(Leslie Young) #19


This update fixes problems in Unity 5.4. You do not need it if you are still using Unity 5.3.

  • Removed deprecated Unity event, Misc/OnLevelWasLoaded
  • Fixed misc editor errors related to changes in Unity 5.4

(Leslie Young) #20


  • Updates made to UI styling to be more compatible with latest version of Zios Editor Themes system

(Leslie Young) #21


  • Added more types to the UnityObject section of Variables.
  • Added more checking in the BloxEd scanner to detect unsupported types.