Blox 3 updates

(Leslie Young) #42


  • Unity 2017.1 compatibility update

(Leslie Young) #43


  • Unity 2017.1 related update
  • Fixed errors caused when changing project to use Experimental .Net 4.6

(Leslie Young) #44


  • Fixed problem with rendering of Blocks outside of Event hierarchy.

(Leslie Young) #45


  • Increased Blox execution performance
  • Fixed a problem with the Loop Block’s script generator
  • Fixed generated scripts not attaching at runtime when GUID names are disabled

In this test event execution time was reduced from 39ms to 22ms.
Generated scripts are still much faster :slightly_smiling_face: (0ms in this case) Do not feel pressured to use generated scripts though. They are much more strict in how you use Blocks and in most cases you might not notice any difference.

(Leslie Young) #46


  • Fixed a problem caused by previous update.

(Leslie Young) #47


  • Unity 2018 update (let me know if I missed any problems)