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(Leslie Young) #1

Blox Game Systems, or BGS for short, will be replacing all my tools and will become the core on which I build future game making tools. Asset Store link.

Follow me on Twitter or join the Discord channel for updates on development of BGS. I regularly post screenshots on these channels.

Owners of Blox 3 will be able to upgrade to BGS for free.

Blox Visual Scripting will not be available in BGS for a while though (at least until after Beta). I want to focus on designing systems which does not require visual scripting to use. BGS will however be getting a total rewrite of the Blox scripting system with an improved runtime. Saving Blox to scripts will most likely not make it into this new version of Blox (BGS).

Owners of my other game making tools like Vinoma and plyGame will find free or discounted options when plugins for BGS are available. Vinoma and plyGame will continue to receive bug fixes for quite a time still but I will eventually stop selling them in favour of the new tools.

BGS will be a core tool providing some common systems needed in games, like general flow of game, UI element updaters, Loading/Saving game sessions, localization, visual scripting (Blox), building dialogues (FlowGraph), and various other systems and editors.

There will be game genre specific plugins for BGS to expand on the features provided by the core. These plugins will focus on very specific game genres to help the user focus on his design and not on creating code in Blox or script. All plugins will come in source form inside of the Unity project so that it is easy to modify when needed. You can think of these plugins as providing the tools and controllers need to build a Visual Novel game, or a Turn-based RPG game, or perhaps an action-RPG like Diablo, etc. They will be much more focused than what plyGame is for example and thus provide a means to create a game with way less visual scripting involved.

The first of these plugins will be a tool for creating Visual Novels. This plugin will be a free plugin for Vinoma owners. The main way you will build game scene (Vinoma scenes) in this new tool will be via the new FlowGraph. This system makes use of Nodes and provides for much more freedom in designing your scenes and how they flow than Vinoma is able.

Would you like to make blox a continually discovered donor project?
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Great news to start 2018 Leslie!

Although it probably means Im gonna have to rebuild my game again, I can see a lot of positives in the long term.
(if possible, can you prioritize the Loading/Saving game sessions? Ive kinda pause my project waiting for this important feature).

The new version of Blox wont be compatible with Blox3 right? Will it be more limited than Blox3 (beside blox to scripts function?) Hope we wont need to re-learn everything, really like blox3.

Happy New Year to all in advance!

(Leslie Young) #3

Ye, the way Blox 3 saves data will not work in the new system as there are a few things I want to change to improve performance of the data loading and runtime.

It will have the same functionality in that it can scan namespaces for type members to turn into Blox. The only thing is that it would be easier to use if you get one of the genre specific plugins since you will do less sripting and when yo udo it will probably be to interact with existing systems.

(Brian Bullard) #4

Really excited for this, the turn based stuff is what Im waiting for. One thing I’m looking forward to is not having to re-build DLL’s since Ive had to change a lot of functionality in order to support VR.

Will the plugin system be built with extendability in mind? I would love to be able to write my own plugin’s at some point.


Really excited about this Leslie. I use plyGame regularly and it has been so great but also taught me indirectly so much about scripting that I have naturally transitioned a lot of ideas to C#, and this sounds ideal.

You mention ‘genre specific’ plugins, and also ‘action-RPG like Diablo‘ which is very exciting. Do you have a timeframe in mind for these? I assume there will be similarities to plyRPG in plyGame (with less reliance on visual scripting?)

In my mind that would be ideal, plygame as an RPG framework is already terrific

another question would be if DiaQ is replaced by Flowgraph?


(Leslie Young) #6

Here’s a video to show progress…

(A.K.) #7

Sounds cool!

Do you have a road map in mind yet? Like what you would like to work on and finish first?

(Leslie Young) #8

The idea is to get the VN Engine working and finish everything on BGS’ side needed to make this work.

The major thing missing from BGS is a Loading/Saving system (will be doing this next). I also need to add a few more nodes, like ones for playing sounds, instantiate prefabs and starting animations on objects. Of course the other major thing missing would be Blox scripting but I do not plan to add this for a while - at least until after the VN Engine is done.

On the VN Engine side I still need the click-overlay thing I have in Vinoma so that a player can click somewhere in the scene to see something happen. I am also thinking about some other more advanced features like how one can overlay images/ sprites that aligns with the background properly while the background is still able to change size depending on the settings you choose and the size of the window it is drawn in. Think for example if you had a window in the background and wanted to animate some curtains blowing in the wind but properly aligned over the window area.

Anyway… so far I want to get this on the asset store by end of February.

(Brandon H) #9

How are things progressing? :slight_smile:

(Leslie Young) #10

Getting ready to submit an initial release to asset store so hopeful to see it appear sometime during March.

(Leslie Young) #11

It is no the asset store now.

(noah) #12

What are the options for plyGame users willing to move to BGS? I don’t expect a magic tool to move everything and continue working on the new system like nothing happened but, any way to “speed up” the process? Maybe a way to “take” the blocks contained in a state to import them to the new system and once there reorganize them to fit in?
Currently from plyGame I’m using the factions, classes and attributes and that’s easy to replicate, but the blocks from the plybox attached to game objects is a lot of work to replicate and don’t want to go that road (but I want the features of BGS).


(Leslie Young) #13

There will not be an easy way to handle this since the two systems work totally differently form each other. Blox and plyBlox are not the same at all with Blox using reflection while plyBlox depends on manually created Blocks. There will also be no systems in BGS directly borrowed from Blox or plyGame - everything is written from scratch.

Anyway, RPG features for BGS is still a few months away and many core systems are not done yet (like saving and Blox)The only thing it is really useful for right now is making a Visual Novel and similar games with and even here I am still adding new features.