BloxEd Copied one state to the other and saved over my real state2

(Fredrik Olsson) #1

AS the title sais
IT erased my state2 and saved over it with the same from values from state1
and i get errors
“argumentofrangeExceptition: argument out of range” The type of Field [toValue] in Block:

luckily i have a backup.
but still lost alot of work.
anything i can do to prevent this?
since i have no idea how it happened.

regards Fredrik

(Leslie Young) #2

The copy/paste feature in BloxEd has always been a bit “weak” since it was added later while the system was never designed with support for this in mind. I know it is a bit of a pain but I’d suggest not using it when possible, especially for copying between different events.

(Fredrik Olsson) #3

Im sorry im really bad at explaining.
upload a photo of what happened. My “battle” state copied my “overworld” state
without me copiyng anything. It did it all by itself.
dont know how it happened.
But i had back ups so its fine.

otherwise love the Blox system alot leslie.
regards Fredrik.