Bribables - A Story About Corruption & Good

(rochas) #1

Hey everyone, we just released a demo for our game Bribables over at

Hope you download it and that you like it too :grinning:.

Any recommendations, suggestions and ideas are more than welcome…

A lot more updates, characters, quests and story will be added to the demo very soon.

(Francois) #2

Very cool mate! Keep it up!

(rochas) #3

Demo available at too :grinning: :grin:

(rochas) #4

Hello everyone

Just want to share our new Bribables trailer. We added some scenes and main characters.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Follow us on Twitter if you like and want to support our game :slight_smile:

(Marshall Heffernan) #5

Dude bake the rotation on your animations…