Bug: Shift+Ctrl+MouseWheel only increment grid level on macOS Unity

(David Frank) #1

Which means I can scroll in either direction and both of them are raising the grid level, strange. I believe it’s mouse specific but Unity itself doesn’t appear to have this problem (Zoom in/out works as expected.)

(Leslie Young) #2

I do not own a Mac so I would not be able to test this. It works in Unity 2018.2.15 on Windows 10 though.
You can also lower or raise the grid in the inspsctor.

Does Ctrl+MouseWheel work to inc/dec the brush size correctly or does that also only ever work in one direction?

(David Frank) #3

The brush size change (with CTRL) is fine, I can increase and decrease it just fine.

Could you double-check the logic for grid level change (SHIFT + CTRL), might be a bug. I don’t currently have a Windows machine so can’t test it.

(Leslie Young) #4

It seems Macs use Shift to modify what the scroll wheel does to scrolling horizontally. That of course would mean the delta.x changes rather than delta.y (which is what I read to check for increment/decrement). Because of this logic, gridYPos += (ev.delta.y > 0.0f ? -1 : 1);, the grid changes in only one direction then.

Can you check if there is an option in the mouse settings concerning Shift.

I’ll add a little patch to check delta X rather than Y when Y is zero.

(David Frank) #5

I looked into it, doesn’t appear to have a way that preserve SHIFT horizontal scroll in other apps while freeing SHIFT in Unity.

(Leslie Young) #6

You got my private message?

(David Frank) #7

Ah thx, it worked, I didn’t see the email as it went into junk folder.