Bug. When you place tiles on different heights nearby it creates a mess

(vitaly) #1

First we place mountain tiles for height 4 and it goes ok and mountain is properly created. Then we put a mountain of height 2 nearby and that mountain is messed. Note that if distance from 2 mountains is several tiles in between then there is no issue with mountains. We use tile size of 3 and height of 1. Here is screenshot of the issue:

(Leslie Young) #2

TileEd can not determine what goes “in-between” if you step up too high. You need to step one level up/ down and paint the needed tiles before moving higher.

(vitaly) #3

It seems that TileEd tries to put the tiles in-between so that they are adjacent to the nearby tiles but selects wrong ones. When we take one-two cells further from the higher mountain it draws them ok. I think that TileEd needs to draw the lowest mountain regardless nearby tiles by simply removing and injecting into the mountain like in the following sample:

In my opinion this is the right behaviour for placing tiles.