Calling all friends!

(Francois) #1

Howdy gents!

Has anyone had experience in doing something like the following:

  1. Player smacks the hell out of an enemy.
  2. Enemy calls and his friends pitch up to assist him?

Similar to a Boksburg nightclub vibe? :slight_smile:

(Helgard de Barros) #2

It would be something like:

If X is engaged
Let Y move to location of X

Once they are at X’s location, their own detection should let them join the fight.

I just did this to show, haven’t tested this, but something along these lines.

(Francois) #3

Cool thanks mate!

(Francois) #4

Helgard? Quick question? Do you use spawn points in your game or just randomly place enemies? Which one of the two is most “expensive”?

(Helgard de Barros) #5

My “world” is divided into streaming scenes.

All my NPC’s are on separate scene and this scene is divided into a grid, with triggers. So all my NPC’s are disabled, and when the player hits the trigger for that scene, they are enabled. I have 140 human NPC’s and about 250 animal NPC’s, and this system works for me, still getting about 45 frames per second.

Not the best system, but it works with the world streamer system, and that is why I use it. If you are not using streaming I wouldn’t use this method.

(Leslie Young) #6

For that IF I would probably check own health just to be sure the player hit it a bit before calling a friend.

SpawnPoints are better to have since they will not spawn the enemies until player is in range; but… you will not know which enemies to call then; not that it would matter since they will all be roaming around the same area anyway (except if it is bigger than their detection ranges I guess).