Camera transition

(Jukebox Animation) #1

Hi !

Is anyone using this kind of transition asset ?

I don’t know how to, or if it’s possible to use it with plygame.

Thanks !

(Leslie Young) #2

I suppose you could simply disable the camera controller by plyGame (and enable the effect’s cameras) while the transition is active. My guess would be that that package require one or more cameras to play out the effects?

(Jukebox Animation) #3

Hi ! thanks for the reply

Actually yes. I think it’s supposed to work with 2 cameras and a component on one of them. Then triggered with a script…
But Since I only used plygame visual scripting system since the begining, I don’t have a clue about how to make it start.

Here is their documentation :

Thank you !

(Leslie Young) #4

To make it start would require scripting. Blox can’t help here (well, Blox 3 might have been able to handle it but not plyBlox).

After creating the script you can can trigger a function (method) in that script, that makes it go, through the Flow > System > Send Message Block.