Can Somebody Help With Error on NJG PhotonBLox


hi all
got a problem with NJGBlox all is working good just cannot
set Items on ground it dissepear when i enter the game it Disable the
Items Something with Singleton

(Error 01) - Something with Photon Objects if i click on a item i get that error dont know how i can fix that

(Error 02) - I get that when i Start the Game Login,Lobby works no error at all only when the player
spawned i get that error Gameobject are destroyed

The items Disabled - in the Gameobject (Items On Ground) is Still Enabled only the Items under the GameObject Items on Ground - Get Disabled (One - Handed Sword ,Two - Handed Sword and so on…

Error 01:

Error 02:

This is the CrowdManager:

Items Are Enabled:

On Start Game Items Are Disabled Dont Know why:

(Jamie pearce) #2

last i checked the crowd manager feature caused issues so dont use it also items dont sync over network and never will since its no longer being supported so just make items as normal and only call for the items tto drop from the monster on your client by using the photon view is mine statement

(Jamie pearce) #3

there is also a issue where after like 1 min of game time items stop working and what ever was equipped to hands disappears but is still equipped


ok thx for reply