Can we download older versions of Plygame?

(Mike Brockbank) #1


Is it possible to download older versions of Plygame?

Soon I’m planning on buying another Asset that is no longer supported past Unity 5.3.5, so I will most likely be sticking with that version when I get it. This means if I am to continue using Plygame, I will need a version that is compatible with 5.3.5 also.



(Marshall Heffernan) #2

Not from the asset store. However @leslie might keep old versions, Try sending him a private message.

(Leslie Young) #3

That would be around v2.8.2.

I do have a backup of it but I will not be making updates to old version like this. If you want latest fixes you need to use the official version from asset store.

(Mike Brockbank) #4

Yeah, that’s fair enough and thanks guys. I’ll pm you my email, Leslie.

(Guillermo Vilas) #5

I´m also interested in having the last working version for Unity 4.

(Leslie Young) #6

There is no copy that goes back that far.

(Marshall Heffernan) #7

nooooooo, why?

(Mike Brockbank) #8

But… PBR!!!

(Guillermo Vilas) #9

to protect my investment, I had Unity 4 Pro with Android and iOS Pro as well, and didn’t upgrade the devices to Unity 5 and the new licensing approach is a no go for me after buying the full version while back. Unity 4 still performs well and is a shame authors started to dump it.

(Paul) #10

What Version were you looking for, I may have it on my old computer (Unity 4). If that is ok with Leslie. So let me know.

(Guillermo Vilas) #11

Thanks p4martin, can´t tell a specific version but if is compatible with Unity 4 it will be okay and I can go from there.

(Paul) #12

Busy guy, I found version 2.14 if you want that… Hoping I had 2.68 but alas no.

(Kian Almia) #13

can you give me the older version of plygame v2.8.2? thanks a lot

(Idcrisis Arito) #14

I have a few older versions of PlyGame floating around. Let me know if you want them @leslie

(Leslie Young) #15

I am curious why someone would want an older version?

There should not really be a reason to need it. If someone starts a new project then they can just as well use the latest Unity and plyGame.

@Kian_Almia @idcrisis_Arito

(Kian Almia) #16

oh ok thanks for info sir