Chimeran Legends

(A.K.) #1

Heyyo! With my UI looking about where I want it, I figure it’s time to post some of my progress in the showcase section! I’m using only Plygame to create my game at the moment.

Here’s how my UI’s coming along. As you can see I’m going for a papery, cutesy story book fantasy style.

It’s mostly done, but I did notice some things when testing the look. Going to put those here so I can find them easily later:

  1. I need to make it so if you click the menu button again it closes the menu. This way people can check their menus fast with out moving their mouse to the “x”.
  2. I need to figure out how to implement a quick item use system so people can heal during battles with out having to open and navigate their bag. Maybe even have a button you can press to heal.
  3. The sword in the “stats” needs to be a higher quality image.

I’ve also slowly but surely have been getting the first town put together. I’ll probably post here again when it’s done!

That’s all for now! Thanks for looking!