Combine destroys lightmap uv

(Studio Pixellore) #1

It seems like performing combine destroys the lightmap uv. If it can’t preserve the given lightmap uv, then can it at least try and generate one after wards? It is impossible to lightmap combined mesh at the moment.

– Edit –

Just found the option to generate light map uv… It’s my bad!

But still,… How can I control the lightmap uv generation setting?

(Leslie Young) #2

How can I control the lightmap uv generation setting?

I do not understand what you mean by this?

(Studio Pixellore) #3

When I build lightmap, I need to be able to control how much the padding of uv layout needs to be etc.
There is tick box for generate uv2 under general (setting) but I can’t control the setting for the padding etc.

(Leslie Young) #4

I am not very familiar with working with lightmaps and work-flow around it. I added the uv2 option after someone suggested they would need it for lightmaps.

Are you referring to the options in UnwrapParam?

(Studio Pixellore) #5

That is exactly the one.

(Leslie Young) #6

Ah, ok. I’ll add some options to mess with those options then.