Command Line Console for plyGame | Noclip, Godmode, AddItem, SetAttribute & more



The primary purpose of this tool is to provide the end user a clean and easy command line tool with the ability to alter stock game mechanics or functions.

Consoles are mainly used in development as tools for the developer so that they may test certain aspects of their game or specific mechanics.

With this simple tool, you will be able to be more efficient in your development process while also having a little bit of fun at the same time.

Set up codes for your players such as: Noclip, God Mode, AddItem, AddAttribute, SetDamage, SetMovementSpeed, and anything else you can think of!

**Oh, I added scrollviews for the 2 content windows so that you can scroll through your recent command executions.


In the prefab you will find that there is a simple folder structure. The important objects to notice are as follows:

plyConsole ( This is the main node of the console. It controls showing/hiding of the console )
—CommandLine ( This is the node that contains our command line input )
-----PlaceholderText ( This text component can be altered to change the “inactive” command line text )
-----FunctionText ( This text component will be changed when the user types into the command line field in-game )
—Submit ( This button will execute the command the user types into the command line field )
–Commands ( This is the node that contains the logic for wiping the command consoles’ messages as well as showing the available commands )
-----DetailText ( This text field will be the populated by the data the developer provides in the “ExecuteCommand” state )
-----ConfirmText ( This text field will be populated by the data the developer provides in the “ExecuteCommand” state )

To add more functions to your command console, simply open up the plyBlox component on the “Submit” button inside the “Input” object , copy/paste the “IF Statement” , and change the data to suit your needs.

1- TAB (Show/Hide Console)
2- ESCAPE (Clear Console Board)
3- Z (Clear Console Board & Show Functions List)
4- SUBMIT (Execute Function)


1- Drag the plyConsole prefab from the project into your Canvas
2- Locate the SUBMIT object and open the plyBlox component
3- In the ExecuteCommand state, change the “IF: A = B” block. Change B to a name you want, we will use it. (Default is upspeed)
4- Now, in the 1st Set Property block (DetailText), Change the “String: A + B” block. Change B To a description that matches your ExecuteCommand name we made previously
5- Locate the COMMANDS object and open the plyBlox component
6- In the ShowCommands state, change the 3rd Set Property block (DetailText), Change the “String: A + B” block. Change B to match a similar format like the one provided. Note, this will be used by your players to see what functions are supported in the game that they can call
7- Lastly, play the scene and type in your new command, then press the Submit button. You will see the message displayed on the board.

Remember, if you press ESCAPE, that will clear the board of functions that you have already executed, and if you press Z then that will show you the list of functions available to us.


Q: How do i change the look?

A: Locate the IMAGE component in the ROOT gameobject. Change the colors of the COMMANDLINE under the COMMANDLINE object. Change the colors of the scrollbars under the SCROLLBAR objects inside the COMMANDCONFIRM / COMMANDDETAIL objects.

Q: I dont want the game to pause when i open the console, how do i change that?

A: Locate the PLYCONSOLE gameobject and open the On/Off event. Inside you will see a block called “Time Scale”. Remove it.


**Be sure to thank Artie for his Time.Scale Block

Let me know if you have any questions.

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