Configure Actor

(Ignacio Salsa Real) #1

Hi! im trying to configure our first actor. I make a cube and add the component UNIRPG-> Character2 ->Player. I make it available at start. Then i try to select from actors in bbdd, trying to refresh but it still dont show. What i making wrog? thanks in advance.

(Leslie Young) #2

Then i try to select from actors in bbdd

What is “bbdd” ?

(Ignacio Salsa Real) #3

Sorry, is the acronym in spanish for db :smiley:

(Leslie Young) #4

The list under Main > Actors of UniRPG Main Editor window does not show anything you can select. It is simply a listing to show what was detected.

Note that it only shows Prefabs. If your character exist only in a scene and is not a prefab it will not be listed there.

(Mariusz Szafranski) #5

Hey, I can’t access your website because it is no longer up, I just have a few issues regarding the asset and how to make it work.

  1. making an actor, i don’t know where to specifically put the prefab to be scanned and detected.
  2. How classes and attributes and skill all go along. For example, I have attack strength defense mining smithing as attributes. I want these to be separate and level up individually thru separate tasks. I see that in classes the attributes can affect that overall level.
    3.Loot prefabs, what is it? a gameobject or just an instance that when i kill something it drops the prefab?

(Marshall Heffernan) #6

both websites are up.

Old doc website

New doc website

(Mariusz Szafranski) #7

Thanks! For some reason I get page does not exist for the old doc website but the new one works.

(Leslie Young) #8 now points to the new docs.I had to change the format of the URLs (there are no longer sub-folders in it) so old direct links will no longer work.

(Faigh Enzho) #9

not detect prevab

(daniel harratt) #10

Have you resolved this issue?: