Convert old GUI to uGUI

(Eirik) #1

Would it be a huge task to rewrite the UniRPG to use the new uGUI system instead of the old GUI system?

(Alien) #2

although i don’t use UniRGP, i cant imagine it would be super easy. Since plygame has uGUI support and the example UI is all done in uGUI, it would be easier and quicker to spend the 38$ on plygame and run with it. has all the blox for uGUI, etc. worth the investment imo.

I guess it all depends on how complicated you want to make your UI. I’m guessing there are also more examples for plygame, so you can setup your own UI or leverage the sample UI Leslie provided in plygame (RPGUI).

(Marshall Heffernan) #3



(Alien) #4

oh your so right. $32! look you saved $5 already… :wink:

(Eirik) #5

Already have plyGame. But I favor UNIRPG.

Already started the conversion, its not easy but the progress is good, and faster then thought. Have also other cool customizations such at talent tree, quest tracker etc.