Copy Tileset to New Tileset?



Absolutely loving TileEd. It’s fantastically straightforward to use.

I’m making a game where you visit the same maps at different times of year. As such, I want to essentially make multiple variations of the same map, with the same tiles, but a different “skin.” For instance, a “Summer” Tileset and a “Winter” Tileset, etc.

I was trying to think of the best way to accomplish this, and it seemed to me that doing a copy+paste of a Tileset and then just dropping new prefabs over the old ones would ensure everything would stay nice and consistent. Then you could possibly just “recreate” the same map by assigning it to the new tileset for each season.

Is this something that can be added easily to TileEd?

(Leslie Young) #2

You can change the prefabs in the TileSet setup area en do Recreate to get the new style in the scene. Of course if you go back to a scene with the previous style and press Recreate there you will get the new style there too.

I suppose the better solution would be if you could replace all TileSet references in a map to point to some new TIleSet(s). This way you do not have to keep changing the prefabs each time you want to switch between updating different map seasons.

I’ll investigate this idea.

(Leslie Young) #3

@ttk grab version 1.2.7 when it is up.


Oh my god, thank you so much!! This is absolutely a killer feature for me. :smiley:

You rock Leslie!