Crash on Build


hi Anyone got that problem when i build a game without Plygame it works

when i build a game with plygame it crashed

working on unity 2018.2.4f1 let me know

if someone else got that problem

(Leslie Young) #2

What do you mean by it crash? Is the build process/ Unity crashing or is your final game crashing when you try to play it? What platform is the game built for? Did you check the game/unity logs to see if if there are any clues as to the problem?


Its not the problem with plygame i have tryed to make a new
game with plygame and it works just need to make all new again i had
2017.2 now i got 2018.2 and all is wrong thx for the help anyway

Just need to find out whats the problem that is crashing my game
i think something with the standard assets not sure