Create a Grid


I follow the documentation to create a grid of nodes which works - however I want to instantiate a bunch of custom tiles when I click the generate grid button (similar to sample 1).

However when I set up my own derived class from MyNavSquare and copy the code that you used from sample 1’s ‘MySquareMap’ into the derived class to try replicate what you’ve done, I lose all the Tool options from the inspector and cannot generate a grid at all? At this point my scene is almost identical to your sample so I’m really not sure what is going on.

Thanks in advance

(Leslie Young) #2

You are missing the inspector editor script for you derived class.

See the Integrate section in Assets\Plugins\MapNav2\Docs\mapnav2.pdf and have a look at the source of Assets\MapNav2 Sample\Editor\MySquareMapInspector.cs